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Dafi Shanti Brandbook
Tone & Voice


Establish brand tone and voice

Your brand’s voice and tone showcase your brand’s personality. In your style guide, explain how your brand wants to be projected in its communications with its market and the general public. This can be done by defining the language, vocabulary, and writing style used in written materials that best represent your brand.
For example, if your brand is looking to be friendly and conversational, your brand voice might be casual and approachable with a warm, welcoming tone. Or, if you’re looking to be professional and authoritative, your brand voice might be knowledgeable and trustworthy with a confident, formal tone.
Your Brand’s content is written in a way that’s highly conversational, but concise. We use memes to help convey emotion. Our voice is:
Bullet out the attributes of your brands voice with descriptions to add extreme clarity.


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