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Why are brand guides important?

Building a brand image takes time, and maintaining a great brand therefore image needs a guide. A brand guide is an essential rulebook on how an organization presents itself to the world, helping to differentiate its uniqueness branding from others. Brand image is the general impression, perception, and associations any given customer has about a brand. The perception of a brand’s image is influenced by a multitude of factors such as their prior experiences with the brand, its products/services, and how much they personally relate with the brand’s identity (i.e. its visual brand elements, values, and cultural relevance in society).
When everything related to strategic brand management is in an organized, packaged document, your team can streamline design workflows, improve design collaboration, and make more incredible content, faster.
In summary, here are a few reasons why creating a brand guide is so important:
Ensures a single source of truth: Internal and external stakeholders know exactly where to find the latest rules on how to use and communicate brand assets, boosting brand consistency and reducing the likelihood of incorrect and/or outdated branding.
Visual brand recognition: By including the do’s and don’ts of a brand’s visual brand identity, it makes it easy for stakeholders to recognize and understand the rules on how a brand should visually be conveyed.
Creative efficiency: When designers, marketers, and other stakeholders have access to a brand guide, they can collaborate more efficiently when creating brand assets and marketing materials.
Risk mitigation: A brand guide can also serve as a protective measure, ensuring a brand’s identity and assets are used correctly. With guidelines on typography, logo usage, and other visual elements, organizations can prevent the misuse of their brand

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