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Brand Design Guide
Design Guide Intro

How do you create a brand guide?

The Brand Guideline Template is a designed help organizations create an interactive digital home for their brand guide, centralizing key brand elements by offering a digital asset management system.
A digital asset management system that can be accessed directly from a browser where teams and external stakeholders can easily be educated on how to use these assets - through creating a configurable and editable set of brand guidelines describing your brand identity and story, making important elements such as fonts, logos, videos, and tone of voice accessible to everyone.
Digitizing your brand guidelines means the latest updates are instantly accessible, and the most recent version of your most valuable brand assets are at hand—always, making it easy to create, edit and distribute your guidelines quickly. For branding guidelines to be effective, they require consistency in their application throughout your organization. When creating your style guide, it must be easy to access, read, and apply, as well as include links to the other digital branding assets its users need.Changes made to the guidelines and brand assets in the in the digital asset management system are immediately available to everyone.

Access & Edit Your Own Brand Guide Design System Template

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