Seller Guide Edit Requests

Notes (2023 Edits):


Digital Version vs. Printed Version Headings on the right will need to be clear of the binding
Digital Version - Make this a flipbook, movement and videos
16 pages goal
1 Testimonial per every 4 pages
One Sheet (Laminated add in) for Team Members
Testimonials and accolades interspersed through the pages

New Edit Notes:

Headings on the right side of pages
Company by the numbers Infographic
Process with a name
Comparison page like on page 4 of (Dave’s USMR)
Gena: Keep the programs as the focal point

What separates us:

Virtual Staging
Top notch photography
3d tours
Zillow optimized - 65% of traffic thru Zillow

Every 6 months - Next Meeting in February

Wishlist Items:

*Pls include your name and page number for wish list items

Dave - Notification thru Chime that they are looking at our digital version

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