What's the Negation Game?

The Negation Game is a tool for collective decision making, collaborative inference, sensemaking, and governance.
It amalgams elements from Twitter, forums, voting systems, prediction markets, community notes, proof of stake, etc. including introducing mechanisms of its own.

The key question the Negation Game seeks to answer is, “How might we enable individual contributions to a conversation to bubble up into an intelligent consensus?”
For a simple introduction to the approach as it relates to DAO governance, see this video:
Note that this is not a debate map. The world does not need debate maps it needs tools that guide our next action.
The incentive landscape cultivated by the Negation Game:
incents building a reputation for intellectual honesty
favors viewpoints with internal consistency
provides additional influence to falsifiable statements
sets bounties for surprising information

So far, we have a pre-MVP prototype here: . It will be a true MVP once the incentives are present, which requires implementing:
an in-game currency
staking against points
a consilience algorithm (gives each point their final score)
(a method for rewarding falsifiable statements)

Business Sustainability

Three possible business models to make the Negation Game sustainable:
selling in-game currency which can be used for staking, comp to Mana in Manifold Markets
allowing staking of onchain assets and then taking a percentage of yield on those assets, comp Venmo
SaaS subscription for sensemaking tools, comp to Gitbook

Contributing Team

backend and (really bad) frontend engineer, prior founder of an ML IoT company
senior fullstack engineer, significant contributions to Nouns ecosystem
fullstack engineer, designer
fullstack engineer, designer, degree in mathematics


Does the Negation Game plan to use LLMs or other AI techniques?

Yes, there are natural ways to incorporate LLMs into the product, including for generating discussion summaries and for automating the creation of new points. But the thesis of the Negation Game is that it’s possible to leverage fairly simple and understandable economic mechanisms so as to reach better collective decisions. Economic mechanisms benefit from credible neutrality and additional transparency.
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