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Hackathon Requests

By Connor and the Supersynchronous Team
The Coda team is amazing and pays an incredible amount of attention to us enthusiastic users! Thank you for that :)
I’m busy introducing our clients to the wonders of Coda and these are some of the features I’ve wished I had
automatic namespaces putting the symbol `|` or perhaps `+` should let you specify that you're only interested in the buttons or tables on a particular page, not the whole doc. Would make it way easier to look things up in big docs
E.g. if this doc has a button called Send Message on this page, and Send Message 2 on another page, let me write Hackathon Requests | S and it will only show Send Message as a possible completion (eliding Send Message 2)
a redo button that pops up when you hit undo many of my doc users get confused when they hit undo (CMD + Z) because they don’t know how to redo (CMD + Shift + Z). A little prompt would be nice :)
a way to make controls user specific otherwise users sometimes change controls when someone else is already using the data
customization of “New row” as if it were a button the
button at the bottom of a table is useful, but could be more powerful if it could be customized like a regular button can (with a right click). Then I could change the text and its behavior (E.g. when I create a new row here, also add another row to another table). It should behave a bit like Conditional formats, wherein the default behavior for the source table can be overridden in a different view
. 👈 like this but for new rows. “Inherits behavior from [All Events]” <toggle>)
forms that are better integrated with tables make it possible to pass a row to a lookup column by way of form query parameters. See this doc for an example of how that might work
pinned columns! Pin a column that you want to follow you as you scroll to the right (or down if you group along the top)
formulaic triggering of authentication if a user isn’t logged in, then let me trigger the auth flow automatically (instead of having to write instructions on how to set it up like I do for Google Calendar)
self documenting formula names I’m going to create this formula called ‘the hello formula’:
I’d love to be able to select a checkbox that says “Show Formula Name” and it would autoformat the formula to display:
the hello formula: Hello
this way I don’t have to right click to remember the name and don’t have to fix the documentation when I change the formula name
improved grouping! grouped rows don't allow for conditional formatting (no colors 😭). In addition, adding a new group to a grouped table when the grouped column is a lookup is not possible, making grouped rows less useful:
a Zip formula Zip(List(1, 2, 3), List(4, 5, 6)) should output [1, 4], [2, 5], [3, 6]
a formula to build custom functions signature might be Function(Name, ArgValidation1, ArgName1, ArgValidation2, …, FunctionBody) e.g.
EuclideanDistance, IsList, ListOfPointsP, IsList, ListOfPointsQ,
Sequence(1, Min(ListOfPointsP.Count(), ListOfPointsQ.Count())).FormulaMap(
Power(ListOfPointsQ.Nth(CurrentValue) - ListOfPointsP.Nth(CurrentValue), 2)

Usage: EuclideanDistance(List(1,1), List(2,3))
a formula to trigger sync on cross doc tables right now users have to click each and every refresh icon when there are multiple cross doc tables, it annoys them
reworked mobile experience and mobile offline mode right now mobile experience is very limited compared to gdocs, notion etc., it is not possible to quickly create an empty doc, make notes on an airplane, add an image or , ... also loading times are very long which frustrates me every time I open the app
an easy way to backup large docs it would be incredibly powerful if there were a formula to backup selected rows of your tables into a “archive” part of your doc. That way your current doc could become fast again, but you could still run historical data if you switched your doc into "archive" mode. Maybe not needed thanks to (scratching my own itch with the
formulaic control of colors for conditional formatting
an “on new row” automation currently, there is a hacky workaround for making an automation that runs when a new row is created, but it would be better if it were native, since it can be bug prone
formulaic control of columns get column names, create columns, reorder columns for views. I imagine this is a massive with billions of important decision boundaries, but would be super fun to play with in a hackathon to start framing the discussion I imagine :)
Also, the community of course has even more ideas. Some things that turned up that I remember have really mattered to some users:

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