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Participants Preparation
Participants Preparation

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Podcast Participant's Recording Guide for "Community Unlocked" Podcast

Introduction to "Community Unlocked" Podcast:
Welcome to the "Community Unlocked" podcast, organized by Helena and Olena. Our podcast theme revolves around in-depth conversations with top-tier community leaders and growth experts. Our goal is to provide you with concrete, actionable, and tactical advice to help you learn about building, launching, and growing your (product) community.
Why You Are Here:
You are reading this page because we have scheduled a podcast recording with you and would like to guide you on how to set up everything properly to ensure a smooth recording session.
Recording Setup Guide:
1. Joining the Podcast via
You will receive an invitation link to join the podcast recording session. This link will take you to is similar to a Zoom call but is optimized for podcast recording, providing better audio/video quality and editing functionality.
2. Preparing Your Smartphone for Backup Recording:
In addition to the recording, we recommend recording a backup audio file on your smartphone. This ensures that we have high-quality audio in case of internet connection issues. Please follow these steps based on your smartphone type:
For iPhone Users:
Make sure you have the "Voice Memos" app installed on your iPhone. This app comes pre-installed on most iPhones.
Check that your iPhone has enough storage space to record at least 1 hour of audio.
For Android Users:
Download and install a free audio recording app of your choice from the Google Play Store. (You can search for options like "Voice Recorder" or "Audio Recorder").
Ensure your Android phone has sufficient storage space to record 1 hour of audio.
3. Recording on Your Smartphone:
Before the podcast recording starts, open the "Voice Memos" app (iPhone) or your chosen audio recording app (Android).
Start a new recording and place your phone in a stable position, ensuring that it's close enough to capture your voice clearly.
Begin the recording on your phone and leave it running in the background.
4. During the Podcast Recording:
Focus on the conversation and enjoy the discussion. will handle the primary audio recording, but your smartphone will serve as a backup.
5. After the Podcast Recording:
Stop the recording on your smartphone when the podcast session ends.
Save the audio file with a clear and recognizable name (e.g., "CommunityUnlocked_Your Name_BackupRecording").
Why Backup Recording Matters:
Having a separate audio file on your smartphone ensures that we have high-quality audio in case of any internet connectivity issues during the podcast session.
This backup recording will be crucial if any edits or fixes are needed for the original audio.

Thank you for participating in the "Community Unlocked" podcast. We appreciate your effort in helping us create the best possible content for our listeners. If you have any questions or encounter any issues during the setup or recording, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via LinkedIn- and .
We look forward to a fantastic podcast session!

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