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Launching on Product Hunt
Launching on Product Hunt

Launch To Do List

Pick and prioritize tasks that make sense for your launch

Be careful not to “fish” for upvotes.


Be sure to do your own research.

Policies change. What may have worked at one point in time may no longer be sound advice.

After reviewing the suggested “to dos,” try changing the table’s layout to grid or card.

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Read the official Product Hunt launch docs
Official Product Hunt Launch Guide
Collect Testimonials
Use these on your website and as part of your marketing efforts. It’s also a chance to start to let users know that you are thinking about a launch on Product Hunt and to find out if there are any bugs that should be addressed before launching.
Build an Email List
Don’t rely solely on social media for spreading the word about your launch. Invest in building an email list too so that you are not at the whims of social media algorithms. Plus, depending on the service used, you will have analytics and the ability to segment your audience.
Build a Presence on Relevant Social Platforms
Find a community and engage by sharing ideas and helping others. Look to communities of other indie developers, but also communities where your customers / users spend time. NOTE: Your product’s users may not be active on Product Hunt.
Collect Feedback from Existing Users
You don’t want to get blindsinded with negative comments on your Product Hunt page. Find out what may be lurking and address ahead of time. Remember: Sometimes flaws can be transformed into benefits. Not everyone likes a complex product. Sometimes a simple use case is best. This can also be a chance to collect testimonials for use in marketing and launch materials.
Embrace #BuildInPublic
By publicly building and sharing your journey, your network will be aware and know about your upcoming Product Hunt launch.
Create a Marketing and Launch Strategy
Create a Public Roadmap to Share at Launch Time
A question you will likely here is “What’s next?” Give some thought to having some kind of public feature road map that you can share.
Be active on Product Hunt
Product Hunt is a community. Schedule time to regularly engage and connect with other members. As you invest time in the platform, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and connections. As you prep for your own launch, analyze what others are doing and what is working: What kinds of logos are being used? How and where are gifs being used? Videos? What format and size of screenshots are being posted? What makes for a successful description? What kinds of comments are being posted? What and who typically posts the first one? What do the landing pages look like? If you miss a day, use Time Travel to look at past days on Product Hunt. Use your time on Product Hunt to also engage with other users who share similar interests. Like many social platforms, Product Hunt will notify users when someone new follows them.
Build an Audience
Your product’s audience may not be active on Product Hunt. You may need to slowly educate your audience about what you are doing, what Product Hunt is, and how it works. You may also need to think whether or not it makes sense to do a launch there if your audience isn’t there and if there isn’t an appropriate category for what you are building.
Build a Product or Service
Are you creating a product or service that will do well on Product Hunt? Not everything is designed to do well. Make sure you are creating something that users will want to support — if you want to launch on Product Hunt.
Pick a Day to Launch
Timing Advice from Product Hunt Do research about current trends for your niche. Also check the calendar to see if it is an American holiday or if another major launch may be going on at the same time. Launching on a busy day isn’t necessarily bad — it can mean that there is already activity on the site and your content may be seen.
Create a Product Hunt Account
If you are going to launch on Product Hunt, you’ll need an account. Use this time to also see if all key collaborators are on Product Hunt too.
Verify Product or Service Eligibility for a Product Hunt Launch
Verify Product Is Eligible If you have previously launched on Product Hunt, there are limits on when you can launch again.
Create Product Hunt Launch Page
View content needed according to Product Hunt Additional Info for Launch from PH As you work on your launch materials, ask yourself: Do your screenshots explain the product well enough for folks to upvote right away? If not, are they interesting enough to get folks to keep reading and then upvote? If you made a video, does it convey the product in 30 - 45 seconds? Does your Product Hunt description clearly explain in 1 - 2 paragraphs what the product does? Don’t rely on jargon or regurgitate your existing marketing materials. Make sure your write-up speaks directly to the Product Hunt audience. Does your first comment focus on you, your background, and why you built the product? This isn’t a time to repeat the product description. Be relatable. Tools to help with your launch page Sharing progress about creating your launch page is another way to talk publicly about your launch (and possibly be alerted to potential mistakes) An example of funny launch video, and the story behind it.
Create a Promo Code
How to Add a Promo Code Discount codes are not required. If you decide to offer a promotion, decide what it should be and set it up. Don’t forget to test that it works!
Schedule Your Launch for 12:01 AM Pacific Time
Don’t let timezones get in the way of a successful launch. Make sure you are scheduling your launch for the right time. Double check that you are not scheduling around a timezone change if you are outside of the US. It’s also best to be active on the system right after your product posts.
Decide if You Want to be “Hunted”
The person who creates the post about the product is the “hunter.” This can be you or someone else. There are some schools of thought that a Hunter with a strong following can potentially result in your launch being seen by more people than someone who doesn’t have a large and / or active following. Working with a Hunter on your first launch is an opportunity to learn things you can use for follow-on launches. Learn more about Hunters on PH
Make Sure Your Landing Page / Website Is Launch Ready
A few questions to ask yourself: Is the product clearly shown? Is there a clear call to action (CTA)? Can the language be easily understood? Does the site load quickly? Are there any non-functional links? Does your website function properly on mobile devices? Is your landing page / website / login experience welcoming for those signing up on Launch Day? If you don’t have a website, look to a service like Carrd. Make sure that you are linking to an online space that you control as the link will be on Product Hunt for sometime. If you choose to pivot at any point, you will want to be able to redirect traffic.
Clear Your Schedule for Launch Day and Focus Solely on Your Launch
For all that you need to do on launch day, it’s going to be hard to do other things. Make it easy on yourself by clearing your calendar, asking for help from others, planning naps and food. Create a support system too. Can others help keep an eye on your Product Hunt page for you? Can you have help fixing bugs? More likely than not, there will be some technical issues. That’s life. Be ready for technical issues and the unexpected.
Decide If Your Product or Service is Launch Ready
Is your product and systems at a point where it makes sense to launch? It’s possible to be over-prepared and wait too long. But launching prematurely can happen too if you let yourself get overly excited and stop to truly assess where things are before the official launch.
Define Launch Goals
What do you hope to achieve with your launch on Product Hunt? Is launching on Product Hunt on your bucket list? Are you looking to gain experience for a future product launch? Do you have a revenue goal? or sales goal? Are you looking for new users? Is it to be a top product of the day? Make sure you are planning and prioritizing tasks to reach your goals.
Notify Your Networks About Your Launch
Email existing users: Your existing users know your product best and will be able to share the most honest feedback about your product. Make sure that they know about your launch. If you worked to learn about the current bugs as seen by users, you shouldn’t discover unhappy customers during your PH launch. Post on social: On social, send DMs asking for support. It’s important to use the right language here... Don’t ask for an “upvote,” which is a violation of Product Hunt’s policies. Make a list of your top followers and users. Are your champions on Product Hunt? If you have key supporters on PH, make sure they know about your launch. If you tease your launch out in advance, don’t forget to remind folks when you do launch. Teaser tweet on 3/28/2022: Follow-on Tweet on 3/29/2022: Be sure to follow current best practices with social posts. Does it make sense to include a link in your initial post? For example, is it better to add a link to your Product Hunt page in a follow-on tweet. Pre-launch tweet showcasing product Launch day tweet showcasing product Who in your network can help amplify your message? Don’t try to do it all alone. Who do you know that can help share your launch with their audiences?
Respond to Posted Comments
Be ready for negative comments. There will be haters. And you may make a mistakes that cause confusion. In addition to responding, follow those who have taken the time to offer feedback and ask questions. Think about different ways to say “thank you” ahead of your launch.
Share Progress on Launch Day
If you’ve been sharing updates as you build, do the same on launch day. Share public updates throughout the day on how things are going.
Share Feedback and Learnings After Your Launch
Don’t leave your followers in suspense! Let them know how your launch went.
Continue Building After Your Launch
Check your analytics. How has the launch impacted your site analytics? How has your social and mailing lists changed? What new feedback do you have to potentially incorporate into the product? What bugs need squashing? Think about special messaging to your new users thanking them for their support and letting them know what’s next. Keep building and consider a future launch of an updated version on Product Hunt (just be sure that you allow enough time to pass and features to be added).
Read the official Product Hunt launch docs
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