The Giver

English Giver Quiz Essay Questions

The Giver Quiz 1 Essay Questions
The families in the book The Giver are quite odd with them being assigned their children, only being allowed two children, and how the parents don’t get to be their children’s birth parents. It is very unique the rules with only “Two children — one male, one female — to each family unit.” it shows the town's limits and restrictions, it also may show how the town feels the need to be even. This is not the only unique thing, the town also requires the families to be given a child, not born from the family. “Three births, and that’s all. After that they are Laborers for the rest of
their adult lives” in this quote Jonas’s mother talks about birthmothers, these mothers never get to see their children nor mother these children, this just shows how unique the family system is. To conclude families are a bit different in this community.

The community in the giver takes away individualism by making all the girls wear their hair the same, they all get new things at the same ages, and all parents will have two children. The community has ceremonies every December when everyone ages, these ceremonies give the children new items and new abilities such as bikes, community service, and different hairstyles. All the girls also must have the same hairstyle at certain ages “ATTENTION. THIS IS A REMINDER TO FEMALES UNDER NINE THAT HAIR RIBBONS ARE TO BE NEATLY TIED AT ALL TIMES.” this announcement shows that when you are female under the age of nine you have to have your hair tied in a ribbon. Parents also cannot show their personality through the number of children for example you can only have “Two children — one male, one female — to each family unit.” this shows the town's strictness. To conclude the community in the giver is very strict and tries to make everyone the same.
The Giver Quiz 2 Essay Questions
If I was given the role that Jonas was given I think that I would accept it. This role is depicted as needing “intelligence”,”integretity”, “courage”,”wisdom”, and “the capacity to see beyond”(62,63 Lowry). This role also requires ability to endure physical pain, this is quality that would make some not want to take this job, but this job holds honor and I think when a job holds honor pain is a small thing to deal with. I think that I would be good as this job as it needs wisdom and I believe with the right knowledge I could indeed be very wise. Overall the job Jonas has received is an honor but I think he will go through many struggles to get this honor he deserves.

There are many positives and negatives with living in Jonas’ community. Some positives being not having to go through pregnancy yourself,not having to experience pain or sorrow,and not having to choose outfits or hair. Although the assigned clothing and hair limits your ability to express yourself, it saves time. There are also many negatives to living in a cookie cutter society such as no ability to have a personality. There are others such as your job being chosen for you and having a certain schedule based on age. To conclude living in Jonas’ community would be bad but be time saving and orderly.

Ellie- You should put something like how you don’t have to feel bed emotions or memories
colleen- ellie we have independent living with this lady
Rose- Thanks Colleen.
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