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Working Backwards | How write-ups help launch successful products like AWS, the Kindle & Prime Video
Prepare write-ups

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1. Write press release

Use this template to write a press release for a 'future product'.
Once you and your team have finished writing the PR, delete the prompts, then copy/paste all of the text below in its entirety to the ‘Review the PR’ section on the page.

Press release


Name the product in a way the reader (i.e. your target customers) will understand. (Short name)


Describe the customer for the product and what benefits they will gain from using it. (One sentence only underneath the Heading)

Summary Paragraph

Start with the city, media outlet, and your proposed launch date. Give a summary of the product and the benefit. (2-4 sentences)

Problem Paragraph

This is where you describe the problem that your product is designed to solve. Make sure that you write this paragraph from the customer’s point of view. (2-4 sentences)

Solution Paragraph(s)

Describe your product in some detail and how it simply and easily solves the customer’s problem. (2-4 sentences, but for more complex products, you may need more than one paragraph.)

Quotes & Getting Started

Add one quote from you or your company's spokesperson and a second quote from a hypothetical customer in which they describe the benefit they are getting from using your new product. Describe how easy it is to get started, and provide a link to your website where customers can get more information and get started. (1-3 sentences)
Internal quote

Customer quote

Getting started

Describe how to start using this product/feature. (1-3 sentences)

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