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Team vision and charter

Where our team is headed and how we'll get there.
Remind your team of their mission and values, and give them direction on where to go next. While a vision plants a flag where you want to go, the mission answers the what, how, whom of getting there. Consider keeping these fresh in people’s minds by displaying them on the first page of your team hub.

👀 Vision

Write a brief statement describing where your team is headed. Add an inspiring quote if you wish.
“Add your team vision statement here”

🚀 Mission

Add a few statements that clarify what your team does and how you’ll do it.

What we do

A few bullet points that describe our team’s main purpose.

How we’ll do it

The approach we’ll take towards achieving our mission.

Whom we do it for

The main audience our mission impacts.

The value we hope to bring

The benefits and values of our mission.
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