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SMART goals

A framework for setting realistic, measurable goals.
Use this template to draft your team’s goals, then check your work with the SMART questions laid out in each column.
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SMART framework overview

The SMART framework allows you to set realistic and measurable goals your team can achieve in 2021 and beyond. SMART is an acronym with each letter giving you a mindset for setting goals:


Team goals
How is it specific?
How is it measurable?
How is it attainable?
How is it relevant?
How is it time-based?
During our Monday morning 9AM team meeting, get updates from the team on what assets they want to update on the website and publish the changes by Tuesday 9AM. After every update, send changes to the broader company so they are up to date on what’s new on the website.
The goal explicitly names what is required: updates from the team and for those updates to be sent out
Measurement is binary - we either did or did not do it
Easily integrates with the existing team schedule
Works to give visibility to the company at large
Mentions specific days and times - Monday and Tuesday at 9am
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