Project brief

Fill-in a project overview with goals and timelines.
Fill in each section as the italicized text indicates, and add any sections or information that’s relevant to your project. When you circulate this brief, you’ll give your team a full sense of project scope and context.
Consider expanding this template with more interactive pieces, like a done reading button or a question and feedback tracker, to get conversation going in real time.
💡 Idea overview
Provide a concise explanation of the idea. Include a rough sketch if possible.
🛤 Alignment
How does this initiative tie into team and company goals?
❓ Problem
What's the underlying problem we've observed? Key examples to demonstrate? How will this create value for our customers?
📐 Measurement
Can we validate or benchmark early in the process? How are you going to test that we've enabled the user to do X?
💰 Time & budget
How long will this take? What resources are needed?

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