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Felix Marlin
Nov 7
Collecting feedback from product team
Here's a quick summary of collecting feedback from the product team: Set up a weekly cadence with each PM and create automated updates to send weekly summaries of progress and status, while also asking the Head of Product for best practices.
Felix to set up weekly cadence with each PM.
Felix to create automated updates and send weekly summaries of progress and status.
Felix Marlin
Nov 12
End of year reviews
End of year reviews are coming up, so HR will send a link for submission and it's recommended to set aside 2-3 hours to complete while also collecting feedback and examples of impact.
Felix should start pulling together metrics and examples of impact, thinking through growth opportunities.
Polly will collect 360 feedback from other team members and collaborators. Felix should give Polly a list of others to get feedback from.
Polly Rose
Nov 15
Team mentorship
We're expanding the marketing team and providing mentorship, with Felix leading the effort, including helping new hire Lola set up her email and Slack and providing a list of resources for new hires to review.
First few weeks, Felix to help with getting to know the team and the company.
Felix to mentor new hire Lola, who is starting in 5 weeks. Help get email set up, added to correct Slack channels. Check in daily to see how they are doing.
Felix to start making list of resources new hires should review, and record a video overview of our team hub.
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