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Goal-setting brainstorm with AI

Generate new goals and plans to execute them.
Have your team add their updates, then use Coda AI to generate a draft of potential goals. Customize the AI prompt by pressing the top-left corner of the magic block .
Clear sample data
Team updates
Adam Davis
We exceeded our sales targets by 30% this quarter, driving significant growth in revenue.
We increased our customer base by 20%.
We managed to reduce the sales cycle length by 15%, enhancing our operational efficiency.
The introduction of the new CRM system led to initial productivity loss.
We faced challenges in cross-selling our services to existing clients.
Sales team attrition rate increased by 10% over the last quarter.
Potential market saturation could limit our opportunities for further sales growth.
Economic instability in key markets poses a risk to our sales projections.
The recent rise in attrition rate if continued, may disrupt our sales operations.
Increasing competition in our key markets could impact our market share and sales.
Polly Rose
We launched a new sales training program aimed at improving product knowledge and selling skills.
We have developed and rolled out a new sales playbook that standardizes the sales process across the team.
We introduced too many SKUs too quickly, and there was confusion among reps on what was included with each SKU.
We had inaccurate reporting numbers initially because the new CRM took so long to get ramped up.
Customers are confused about each SKU and which plan is right for their company.
Our competitors are creating similar products, and it’s a lot to keep up with.
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Goals & how to execute them

Goal 1: Improve cross-selling efforts to existing clients.
Hold training sessions for sales reps to improve their cross-selling skills.
Develop targeted marketing campaigns to educate clients about our services.
Goal 2: Reduce the sales cycle length by 10%.
Analyze the sales process to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
Implement process improvements and automation to streamline the process.
Goal 3: Increase customer retention by 15%.
Conduct customer satisfaction surveys to identify areas for improvement.
Develop a customer loyalty program to incentivize repeat business.
Goal 4: Expand into new markets to diversify revenue streams.
Conduct market research to identify potential new markets.
Develop a market entry strategy for the most promising markets.
Goal 5: Improve sales reporting accuracy.
Provide additional training to sales reps on CRM usage and reporting.
Conduct regular audits of the CRM system to ensure accuracy.

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