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Spellcheck. Shortcuts. And 🎨.

New features.
Originally published 5/14/2018.
We think a lot about how ideas flow from your head into your Coda doc, and how to make that transfer of information as fluid and frictionless as possible. We added markdown shortcuts, so you can seamlessly format your data and prose without taking your hands off the keyboard. And we stepped up our text styling game with color. The little things are the big things.
Oh and we finally have spellcheck!

Other ways Coda is a little bit nicer now.

You can hit + / on Mac or Ctrl + / on PC for the full list of shortcuts.
Indent, at last! Go ahead and nudge your text around the canvas.
Let your lists grow. Add paragraphs and white space within bulleted or numbered lists with Shift-Enter.
New H3 style lets you organize with an additional level of meaning.
Updated code block style now has a shaded background to offset from other text, and you can type multiple lines while keeping the style.
Before when you typed @ or =, we auto-opened a reference box or formula builder. That was a little presumptuous. Now just hit the space bar and it’ll go away.
We found a way to remove a Google Drive permission. It was the one that asked for metadata access (we previously used it to power search). Anyway, one less thing for you to worry about.

Procrastination Corner:

Puzzle #4 Solution.

Humor me. The belated solution to .

What we’re reading.

Whoa. Google Assistant .
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