The OKR Starter Kit: Goal-setting for your team

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Planning OKRs (objectives and key results) that are specific, measurable, and actually motivate your team is easier when you have the right tools. Still, sometimes the value doesn’t click until you see those tools working together. You probably already look to see how other companies and teams handle their company-wide OKRs—we do, too.

Why use an OKR template?
OKR templates help define the methodology for OKR planning and tracking. Most templates include five defined components for better goal-setting: objectives, key results, projects (or key initiatives), metrics, and teams.

We’ve collected some of our most-used templates and toolkits from folks we admire to help set the foundation of your process and provide a little inspiration along the way.

Free OKR templates to get you started quickly.

Other OKR toolkits and references.
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OKR Template FAQ
Can I use Google Sheets or Excel for OKR tracking?
In theory, yes—a lot of spreadsheet templates exist that help track company goals. That said, Coda docs are built with dynamic functionality in mind to give team members real-time visibility on team OKR progress compared to a traditional Google Sheet or Excel spreadsheet where information can sometimes be difficult to navigate without proper instruction.

How do you use OKR templates correctly?
Coda’s OKR templates are meant to get you OKR planning and tracking as quickly as possible to help you reach your long-term goals. And all of our templates can be easily adapted to fit your team or company needs. Once you have a template you want to use, work as a team to translate your high-level roadmap into achievable objectives and measurable key results. As plans are never set in stone, you should always reevaluate and adjust top priorities as your business strategy responds to changes in your niche.

How do objectives & key results relate to performance reviews?
Connecting performance reviews to OKRs can have a huge impact on engagement and teamwork. By setting OKRs on a team level and even on a personal level, everyone's workflows and success can be tied back to company-wide goals. Good OKRs should foster a culture of accountability and transparency for all stakeholders.

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