How shiny and new on a scale of 1 to 💎 ?

Everything we launched during May 2018.
Originally published 6/18/2018.
No offense to integers, but grading on a scale of 1–5? Boring. 🌶🌶🌶🌶 for the hot demo. ☕️ for the easy task. ⚡️️️️️️️⚡️️️️️️️⚡️️️️️️️⚡️️️️️️️⚡️️️️️️️ for how excited we are to see what you make with this.
Things we added
Scale Icons
Integers can only communicate so much. Now you have 20 icons with which to express how your meeting or project or customer REALLY went.
Doc Map
Two reasons: if you’re dropped in the middle of a big doc, doc map can help you get your bearings. It’ll also help you keep your schema clean as your doc grows.
Inline Code Block
The in-line version of our code block style! Just do what you’d usually do with markdown.
Last Week / This Week Picker
People love filtering tables by date range. We had this month, last year, etc, but we didn’t have this week and next week, which is how you actually work.
Things we fixed
Select Lists
It’s now way less painful to rename and reorder selectable items. If you’ve ever made a typo in a select list and had to manually update every cell…sorry this didn’t come out sooner.
Conditional Format Duplication
Big time-saver if you’re a big conditional format user. Before you had to rewrite the formula every time. Now you just duplicate an existing rule and edit.
Emojis in your collapsed section List
A lot of you use emojis in your section names — a great way to quickly spot the section you care about. Now, when you minimize the section list, we preserve the emoji from your doc title.
Favicons in your browser tab
Check it out — your doc has its own browser tab favicon based on your title. All you have to do is choose the emoji that best represents your doc.
Procrastination Corner
Not a link this time, but a meeting invite! On June 28, Coda’s product managers will host an hour retrospective of the features they built this month, plus sneak peeks and suggestion gathering for next. How exactly are we reimagining documents?
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