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Everything we launched in 2019.

As we dream up our 2020 roadmap, we’re taking stock of last year’s accomplishments.
Originally published 1/8/2020
Thanks to your feedback and creativity, we introduced 40+ new features and improvements.
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Making Coda simpler.

directly inside your doc for fast and easy building.
automatically adapt based on your data.
so you can color and strike without formulas.

Making Coda cleaner.

tidied up your tool bar and gave you 30% more space to make.
with added shortcuts to templates and learning resources.
keeps all your settings for Packs, Automations, and Time Zones in one menu.
for easy access to the docs you care about most.

Making Coda more team-friendly.

give your team a home base for all things Coda and to organize.
and keep important information safe.
so you don’t accidentally edit source data.
keep you in the loops you care about.
organize docs by ‘archiving’ old content or hiding sections with supporting data.
maintain information consistency no matter who enters it.

Making tables talk.

enables you to pull data across documents.
add rows, edit rows, and push buttons in other documents.
pull in your information and automatically keep it up-to-date.
simplifies the conversion of Google Docs into Coda Docs (or multiple Google Docs into one Coda Doc).

Making text richer.

help your text stand out.
fit anywhere you can type text.
make your formatting that much faster.
help your doc make a great first impression.
allow you to choose and change a URL’s display type.
easily inserts and formats external content into your docs.

Making tables smarter.

allow you to search column formats, filter and sort lookup items, and more without writing formulas.
preserve existing formatting and relationships between any tables, views, controls, and buttons you paste.
make it simpler to convert select lists to tables, add columns that look up into new tables, and quickly access the source table for a lookup column.
provides a more focused, roomier way to write cell content.
supports images in tables with a simple click of a ‘+’ button.
automatically adjusts section alignment to accommodate content.
help manage conversations within table rows.

New Packs!

quickly translates words and phrases into hundreds of other languages.
reviews SEO ranking data.
syncs and adds to your contacts and groups.
at the bottom of emails sent from Coda.
enables Math column formats (and formulas!) and renders LaTeX display math markup into high-resolution SVGs.
enables trigonometry equations and calculations.
creates barcodes and QR codes.

New formulas!

converts a string or DateTime value to a Time Value.
& compares lists that contain multiple values.
maintains type information integrity when passing through a formula.
improve the readability of complex formulas.

And all the improvements ‘under the hood’.

support smoother scrolling, faster doc rendering, faster search within your doc, faster editing, faster calculations, and more!
for Enterprise Coda Plans enhance account authentication and management.
as well as let you make wherever you are.
Join a fireside chat with our CEO Shishir on Monday, January 13th, at 4pm PT, for a peek at our 2020 plans.
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