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Classfront FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions to guide you on your Classfront Journey.

About Classfront

What is Classfront?
Classfront is a simple tool that helps teachers and trainers sell and manage Zoom classes.


How much do I have to pay for Classfront?
Classfront is free for all courses that are free of charge. For paid courses, you'll be charged 5% on top of the processing fee by stripe and your bank (~3%).


How do I get paid?
We work with Stripe to perform our payouts. Please create a Stripe account if you do not have one
When do I get paid?
You'll be able to request for payout after your class has ended. Bank transfer can take up to 7 days.
What are the payment methods supported by Classfront?
We support all international debit / credit cards
What if I do not have a stripe account?
Please create a Stripe account if you do not have one

Integrating with Zoom

What is Zoom?
Zoom is a video conferencing platform that Classfront integrates with to run our live classes.
What if I do not have a Zoom account?
You can sign up for a FREE Zoom account
Can I use a paid Zoom account?
Yes, if you have a paid Zoom account, you can sign in on Classfront with the email that is associated with your paid Zoom account. You'll be able to use all the paid features of Zoom.

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