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CIE x Iter8 /

Our campus connection breakdown

Initial discussion

UX designers to work on CIE projects
People knowledgable with Figma and can help troubleshoot prototyping issues
Support CIE through workshops on Figma, branding, UX
Support each other with events and programs
Innovation Quest, applications mid-March, finalist presentations late-April
Summer Accelerator, applications late-April, 10 week startup development in summer
Hatchery, open workshop times every Friday except Mar 3, finals
→ Iter8
Fall UX Bootcamp
Project pairing
Benefits to Iter8
New physical space to work
Connections to startups and projects that Iter8 members can utilize as clients / collaborations
Experience with client work, cross-team communication, workshop leading, etc


Collaboration ideas
Workshops at the Hatchery, Fridays
Iter8 leads workshops about Figma, Design Thinking, Branding, and other startup needs
Helps gets word out there and boosts Hatchery and Iter8 project
Office hours for Figma help
Skilled Iter8 members can enjoy perks at the Hatchery while providing expertise
Getting to know the startup space, Fall 2023 UX Bootcamp
Startups can connect with designers attending our Fall UX Bootcamp and present on their ideas
Designers learn about the role of UX in a startup space
Speed dating, late-March
Hatchery startups present projects to Iter8 PMs
PMs choose which startups they want to work with and form a client agreement for UX work

Workshop ideas
Creating an impressive yet unique brand
The design process, choosing typography, colors, and aligning with the industry standards
Figma 101 + Jumpstart your prototypes with UI Kits
Learning how to work with the most commonly used elements
Optimizing your Figma prototypes for collaboration and handoff
Using FigJam to synthesize ideas, understanding components and styles to ensure consistent designs, utilizing comments and coding handoff
Maximizing Figma to sell your idea (1 hour)
Preparing easy-to-navigate prototypes, animating designs, making impressive presentations

Working timeline
Iter8 events
Collaboration events
CIE events
Winter 2023
Project teams
Speed Dating (Week 9)
Innovation Quest
1-2 workshops
Spring 2023
Project teams
Office hours (tbd)
Summer Accelerator Application due
2-3 workshops
Fall 2023
Project teams, UX Bootcamp
Getting to know the startup space
Hatchery projects
Only at the Fall UX Bootcamp
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Last updated:

Meeting with Jose 2/22

a dozen hatchery teams active in product dev
summer accelerator heats up
speed dating mid-late march
green light: Figma 101 workshop
March 10 with Hatchery
CIE marketing for pr
Share description / marketing materials w Jose start of next week
Tuesday March 14 hatchery hop in
11-12 Hour CJ and Kylie and project managers attend and promote
6-7pm deep dive
market to the Hatchery asap
mosaic, a deeper collaboration

Promotion for upcoming events

@Kylie Wong
Slack messages for each of these events + introducing Iter8 to the Hatchery

Hello from Iter8! We’re a user experience design firm run by Cal Poly students and we are thrilled to kickoff our collaboration with the CIE that will connect startups (you) with designers (us)! On March 10th and March 14th, we are inviting you to two exciting events:
Figma 101 + Jumpstart your prototypes with UI Kits
Friday March 10, 10:00 am – 11:00 am at the Hatchery 02-206
Iter8 will host a Figma 101 workshop for anyone interested in learning the basics of Figma. Bring a laptop to work on and we’ll help you to kickstart your digital prototypes with User Interface Kits!
Iter8 x Hatchery Collaboration Session
Tuesday March 14, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm at the Hatchery 02-206
We’re delighted to chat with Hatchery teams about fulfilling their design needs. Our designers are looking for collaboration projects to start soon — let’s talk about your venture and what we can do to make it better!
We can’t wait to join forces with you! Hope to see you at these events!
Kylie (incoming lead director of Iter8) and CJ (current lead director of Iter8)

Hatchery networking
Tuesday March 14, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Iter8 will be connecting with people at the Hatchery during their open hours.

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