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XR Challenge: 30 Days

Submit a prototype/concept/project for a chance to win an Oculus Quest 2!
This challenge is being hosted by , through our XR Community. If you’re looking for more information, please check out our website at , or contact Tamara at

We’re seeing a big shift towards AR and VR as more people and organizations are beginning to see the potential it can bring. This is really exciting for us. With that in mind, we want to encourage more XR creatives to build, create, and shed light even further on all the possibilities of immersive technology and 3D. So... we're going to be introducing... an XR 30-day Challenge!
With the 30-day challenge, we want to challenge you to design, prototype, or build a project around the topic: Create an interaction with an everyday object (here are some examples if you're looking for inspo: , ).

How to Enter

Register your name by filling out an application
or click the button below (should take about a minute to complete!)
Once you you complete the form, we will reach out to you with more details on where and how to submit your projects.


Who should apply? You should have a general interest in virtual reality, augmented reality, or other immersive technologies. Whether you’re just starting out, an amateur, or a professional XR Developer, Artist, or Designer, we encourage you to submit your work!
What should you create? We encourage you to think outside the box, whether that means building an interaction, creating 3D art for the challenge, or prototyping a concept you think would re-imagine our reality, as long as it is related to XR, AR, or VR and related to the theme listed above!
We'd like to see examples ranging from art, design and development!

Prize Pool

Win an Oculus Quest 2 and get featured in our weekly newsletters by submitting a video of your project by the April 1 deadline! Winning entry will also be invited to showcase their project live in our Happy Hour event.

Timeline & Submissions

📣 March 1: Announcement and Registration Opens
📆 April 1: Submission Closes at 11:59pm PST
🔼 April 2: Voting Opens (Community Voting Opens)
🔒 April 9: Voting Closes
🏅 April 12: Winners Announced

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