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Celo Smart Contract Academy

business plan

the crypto space is exploding, with user adoption at
. multiple blockchains are competing for growing market share.
utility drives sustainable user adoption which drives blockchain revenue and market share. intelligent, passionate entrepreneurs and developers building on blockchains drive utility.
there is an abundance of entrepreneurs, but a shortage of technical talent that can drive their vision.
thus, growing chains are willing to pay top $$ to acquire talented web3 developers.
current substitutes.
current pathways to learn smart contract development are:
(little community, no clear path to opportunity)
self-driven side project
there is a barrier to technical education in web3. there's lots of content and a few bootcamps for aspiring web3 engineers, but no clear path from education to opportunity.
growing blockchains are competing to hire great technical talent amid severe shortage. there are no concentrated communities to find high quality web3 developers.
the most valuable skills in the world are taught through apprenticeships, not schools.
celo smart contract academy will run a 4-week web3 bootcamp and:
accept passionate, talented developers
employ experienced technical leads to train them to write real smart contracts
incorporate strong systems to motivate completion
place passing candidates into:
a. interesting, flexible & well-paying jobs
b. accelerator with funding that fosters entrepreneurial drive

aspiring web3 developers:
bootcamp will include:
strong systems to motivate completion
practical knowledge from working on live projects
clear off-ramp into interesting, well-paying opportunities
educators with skin in the game

growing blockchain companies:
bootcamp will create:
highly curated & trained web3 talent pool
easy access to hiring and training
10% of annual salary as finder/training fee
1. talent finder fee
2. talent training fee
secure $50k funding from web3studio
1 founder with experience operating as web3 pm & vc that runs biz
1 technical lead willing to teach
20 devs willing to train within
deploy 10 passing candidates into web3studio projects
a. vertical:
train more devs -> more placements -> secure subsequent funding through celo foundation + celo VCs -> expand course to general celo community -> more placements through web3studio

b. horizontal:
secure funding from external blockchains -> expand course to those communities -> spin off venture funds with said chains -> more placements through said funds

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