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Christine's Poetry Collection
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Walk Away

Just because
You don’t see their demons
Cruel intentions and evil struggles
It doesn’t mean these things
They don’t exist
They are hidden in darkness
Impermanent recesses of the soul
Facades of lies, bravado and excuses
Let them masquerade unseen
‘Tis better to walk away
If compassion is not the frame
For the tormented to be boxed in
No need to nail their escape shut
With judgement and revenge
Make your peace and
Just walk away
Sometimes we need to walk away from people who bring us down. Who knows what demons they are fighting when you come in their crossfire? I ended up walking away by selling my home and moving to a different city but I returned when I was ready to face the same challenge again. Time is our friend; it gives us a chance to grow and get stronger. The same challenge that was overwhelming before can become something you can face when you’re ready.
Photo by Olia Gozha on Unsplash

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