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Christine's Poetry Collection
My Poems

The Piano

Countless hours I’ve sat before you
As my children play your keys
As if your keys hold answers
to some of life’s mysteries
But music is mystery
Why does your sound delight the heart
Give it flight among the clouds
We fly so high in joyous laughter
The wrong notes forgotten
distant specs scattered behind
like dust from broken alabaster
This is a reflection piece on the time I spend helping my kids play the piano. It takes years to learn an instrument and laughter keeps us going 6 years later. Sometimes my son will forget to end a song and will find himself back in the middle. We exchange a quick glance and he keeps going hoping to end it this time. But something distracts him and the song doesn’t end and now we both start to giggle. When it’s finally over we burst out laughing at the Never Ending Song.

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