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Christine's Poetry Collection
My Poems

The History We Make

Our voices in history have shattered walls
That hid our ambitions, our struggles, our falls
Our art, our thinking, our voices grow louder
A vast sweeping crescendo
Do you hear us now?
Listen to the change we dare to dream
We are builders and creators
Disrupting, innovating, reimagining
Our homes, our work, our nations
Our children are the raw materials
We nurture and lead
Their future is our canvas
Our minds, our hearts, our strengths
We pour into the history makers of tomorrow
To shine a light on the mistakes of old
No longer intimidated, afraid, willing to wait
As we become the change
Our grandmothers dreamed
For justice, equality, the planet and peace
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Celebrating the hard work of women everywhere!
As girls and women, our voices are getting louder. Throughout the world, we are fighting to get educated, to vote, to work, to raise our families and lead healthier lives. March is Women's History Month and we have come so far because of the hard work of women who have come before us. I hope we continue to bring the change we want to see in the world so that our sons and daughters find a world they can thrive and be safe in.

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