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Harriet Tubman

Harriet tasted a lump of sugar
when she was just a girl of eight
Enjoyed its sweetness but paid the price
Violence an everyday part of her small life
Scarred her skin and soul alike
Born a slave she was a dreamer
She dreamed of freedom, of liberty
She trusted her heart that if she planned it right
With God’s help she might live her dream
Walk free in the warm sun
She escaped under cover of night
Journeyed through tangled woods
Slavery - a fate she refused to accept
Shrouded by Quakers and safe houses
She followed the North Star
Prepared to face her last breath
but never would she go back a slave
Harriet - she made it!
She walked a free person
Felt the wondrous glory of freedom
Her spirits soared as the sun shone anew
But her family and friends she wouldn’t abandon
So return she did to free them too
Guiding the still freedomless along the Underground Railroad
Many trips under cover of cold dark winters
A proud and resourceful conductor was she
Like Moses she delivered
her people out of the evil of slavery
Led them to their promised land
Her dreams were bigger
She continued her fight to make life fairer
Women’s right to vote
was her next chapter
Which she fought for till she died
Harriet Tubman
The scars you bore on your skin
from violence and hard labor
Were no match for the blaze of
freedom and equality
That burned tirelessly in your heart
You were the fearless conductor on the track
To freedom for the oppressed
To a voice for all women
To celebrate Black History Month, my son and I read a story about Harriet Tubman. Her powerful story inspired me to write this piece.
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