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You came into our lives as our very own rainbow
Brain surgery - another hurdle held you away
Now that we have you, we want to share you with the world
But the world has a virus quietly spreading and stealing
Stealing our plans...what we thought would be
So, Calvin we must wait and keep you yet to ourselves
Share pictures and FaceTime and Zoom instead
Your uncles and aunts, cousins and friends
Are waiting to hold you and kiss your sweet head
While we wait for life to return to what it used to be
Bailey and Paisley, the sidewalk and trees, masks and distance
Are the friends we keep
Don't grow up too fast our little baby
Your giggle, your laughter — it's the shot mommy and daddy need
This poem is a little gift to my baby nephew, Calvin. I want him, and his mom and dad to know that everyone is thinking of them even though we cannot see them in person during the pandemic.

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