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No Sugar No Starch Recipes
recipes low sugar low starch

Air Fryer

A - baked apple
1 ingredient:
slice and core the apple.
bake 15 min 160 on parchment paper.
5 ingredients:
squeeze some lemon juice on the apple slices for flavor.
dip in melted butter before baking
dust with cinnamon
After baking, drizzle with honey
Enjoy with yogurt.

O - omelet.
Eggs, Bacon, mushroom and tomato.
reheat the bacon in the bottom of the AF pan
mix up eggs. you can add a splash of milk or cream
pour eggs into pan over bacon
add veg

A - Almond flour berry bake.
With fresh berries.
3 eggs,
1/4 c almond flour,
1/2 tsp baking powder
pinch of salt
some melted butter.
Mix everything together. pour into AF container
Add berries. Air fryer 180C for 10 minutes.
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