Plus + Coda

Embed up-to-date views of any app, no complicated integrations.

About Plus

is the easiest way to capture and share up-to-date Snapshots of any app or website, without setting up complicated integrations. Use this pack to embed data, charts, and views from nearly any app in Coda.
Plus is free to use.

How to use Plus in Coda

Here’s an example of an embedded Plus Snapshot. This is a view of a Google Sheet that stays up-to-date.

1. Set up Plus

Sign up for access at . Plus is free to use during our beta.
Follow the set up guide and install the Plus chrome extension to take Snapshots of nearly any app in just a few seconds.

2. Embed a Plus Snapshot or Page

CleanShot 2022-12-13 at 14.22.50.gif
Take a Snapshot with
and open it. Copy the share link.
Add the to your doc in Coda.
Use the Plus formula =Snapshot('URL') and =Page('URL') to embed your Snapshot or Page. Make sure you include the URL in quotes .
OR Use /embed in Coda and paste in the Plus URL.


What can I use Plus for?

Most people use Plus to build dashboards and share data easily with others. With Plus you can:
Create reports for weekly business reviews, sales or marketing metrics, and other recurring meetings that automatically stay up-to-date.
Aggregate views from your project management and communication tools to prepare for 1-1 meetings.
Share views or data from apps with colleagues or partners who don’t have a login.
Create a source of truth on your team for the most important business metrics.
Set up a personalized daily dashboard to stay productive.
Stay up-to-date on your interests, like the startup funding landscape or ski conditions.
Need more ideas? .

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