POLYTRON.AI, a subsidiary of VIZZIO, leads the way in AI-powered LIVE 3D™ camera technology with a patented special-purpose embedded chip that generates "360 3D Video," creating real-time virtual spaces. This is accomplished by merging multiple video feeds from Polytron.AI cameras using an advanced fusion technique, resulting in a unified 3D scene reconstruction. Our cutting-edge POLYTRON LIVE 3D™ cameras are designed to revolutionize real-time 3D technology, enabling live virtual tours and driving significant advancements across various industries. By leveraging advanced AI and 3D mapping and video fusion techniques, our solutions create immersive, interactive virtual environments in real time, transforming industries such as real estate, tourism, education, and entertainment. Our goal is to push the boundaries of real-time 3D visualization, offering innovative tools that enhance user experience and operational efficiency.
POLYTRON has a complete product suite comprising of client (LIVE 3D Viewer) to server (POLYTRON ONE Video Management Server VMS) to manage POLYTRON-Certified LIVE 3D cameras. POLYTRON ONE VMS efficiently manages POLYTRON LIVE 3D 4K/8K 360 videos streams with zero-latency. Additionally, the VMS is versatile enough to support and manage non-POLYTRON cameras, including PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) and dome cameras, ensuring seamless integration and control across diverse camera types. This end-to-end solution ensures robust and flexible video management capabilities for various surveillance and monitoring applications.
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HOW POLYTRON Camera Differentiates from the Conventional CCTV Camera

In video surveillance, visual evidence doesn’t always come at you straight on. It comes from all angles. The left, the right or even behind you.
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The current state of CCTV camera deployment is characterised by limited field of view, low resolution, and complex management and setup.
With the revolutionary POLYTRON 3D 360 Security Camera, we’ve got you covered from every angle.
The POLYTRON Camera offers a ultra-high resolution, 60 FPS frame rate, 360-degree panoramic view with no blind spots.
Available in 4K and 8K resolutions for clear image detail. You can zoom in, focus, and investigate the whole picture. But the camera alone is just the beginning, it integrates with POLYTRON ONE - our unified video management software, giving you an immersive perspective for intuitive and easy 360-degree security surveillance and control.
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The POLYTRON camera reduces deployment costs by decreasing the number of cameras required.
POLYTRON introduces a revolutionary class of next-generation, AI-powered spatial-aware 3D 360 cameras specifically designed for creating Digital Twins These cameras transform your spaces into REAL-TIME 3D and interactive experiences.
Unique 360 4K Camera for Smart City/Safe City applications

What is LIVE 3D?

With the Polytron LIVE 3DCamera, the era of limiting virtual tours to pre-scanned, static 2D imagery is over. We present to you a dynamic canvas of the world as it unfolds, enabling you to immerse yourself and navigate in real-time within an accurately modeled 3D environment. Our groundbreaking technology intricately stitches live video feeds directly onto the surfaces of a geometrically precise 3D mesh model, transforming them into video textures that animate the scene with real-world dynamics. This innovation isn't merely a new lens through which to view the world — it's a completely new way to experience and interact with it. Step into the vanguard of virtual exploration with us, where each tour becomes a LIVE, interactive event, and every moment unfolds a fresh discovery, brought to life within the spatial fidelity of a meticulously crafted 3D scene.
POLYTRON One supports the latest ONVIF standards, such as Profile M, and delivers un-matched LIVE 3D virtual tour, customisable AI video analytics, and fast, intelligent search in video footage from multiple cameras, powered by LLM.
Real-Time Analytics in a LIVE 3D Scene
3D Scene & Mesh with LIVE 3D Virtual Tour
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Integrating City Digital Twin with Street View, Outdoor/Indoor LIVE 3D Virtual Tour
REAL-TIME 3D Virtual Tour also known as LIVE 3D is the "Fusing of Dynamic 3D Geometry and Video Textures for REAL-TIME Navigation" - an end-to-end deep learning architecture for predicting depth from video/imagery and creating LIVE 3D spatial geometry. This innovative method combines the representation ability of neural networks with the geometric principles governing image formation. We compose a collection of classical geometric algorithms, which are converted into trainable modules and combined into an end-to-end differentiable architecture. Our algorithm interleaves two stages: motion estimation and depth estimation. During inference, motion and depth estimation are alternated and converge to accurate depth. With this patented method, we are able to create street-level depth data and modelling being collected from crowd-sourced community.
LIVE 3D Scene running on any browser (Mobile, Desktop)
LIVE 3D Virtual Tour over LAN and 5G networks
With LIVE 3D, We present to you a dynamic canvas of the world as it unfolds, enabling you to immerse yourself and navigate in real time within an accurately modeled 3D environment. Our groundbreaking technology intricately stitches live video feeds directly onto the surfaces of a geometrically precise 3D mesh model, transforming them into video textures that animate the scene with real-world dynamics. This innovation isn't merely a new lens through which to view the world — it's a completely new way to experience and interact with it. Step into the vanguard of virtual exploration with us, where each tour becomes a real-time interactive event, and every moment unfolds a fresh discovery, brought to life within the spatial fidelity of a meticulously crafted 3D scene.


At Polytron, we have developed a special-purpose camera (PATENT-PROTECTED) for digital twin to operate in REAL-TIME (LIVE 3D™), creating immersive, interactive real-time digital twin.
We merge various video feeds from cameras using an advanced fusion technique to create a unified 3D scene reconstruction, thus facilitating the creation of a real-time, immersive LIVE 3D experience.
Stitching video textures into 3D virtual tours involves the process of integrating video content onto 3D models to create immersive experiences. The use of 3D models in virtual tours allows for a more realistic and compelling presentation of properties, products, or environments, enhancing the overall user experience, and conveying a more visceral sense of “being there” while navigating in 3D Tour. This represents a groundbreaking advancement, unmatched by any current virtual tour technology available.
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A new breed of NEXT-GEN AI-Powered 3D 4K Camera purposely built for Digital Twin that turn your 3D Spaces into REAL-TIME LIVE 3D & Interactive Experiences


POLYTRON ONE is a New Breed of AI-POWERED Video Management Server (VMS) for managing conventional Security Surveillance Cameras, POLYTRON 4K/8K 360 Cameras, enabling powerful Smart City & Safe City applications.
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POLYTRON ONE - AI-POWERED Video Management Server


POLYTRON LIVE 3D is a suite of server software that enables conventional web-based virtual tour with interactive real-time scene, making you feel like you’re standing right where you took them without physically being there. Immersive, spatial, LIVE 3D, and interactive.
This server is a zero-dependency real-time media server and media proxy that provides stitching of video streams into 3D geometry.
The LIVE 3D streaming protocol doesn't introduce any latency by itself. Latency is usually introduced by clients, that put frames in a buffer to compensate network fluctuations. In order to decrease latency, the best way consists in tuning the client.


This web-based virtual tour viewer offers a truly unique experience that sets it apart from traditional virtual tours. By seamlessly stitching and integrating real-time video feeds into a 3D scene → LIVE 3D. This innovative approach provides an immersive and dynamic exploration experience, combining the realism of live video with the interactive elements of a 3D environment. This technology ensures that users can engage with the virtual tour in a way that feels both natural and captivating, offering an unparalleled level of immersion and interaction.
Experience the future of virtual tours: LIVE, INTERACTIVE, and REAL-TIME. Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates videos into 3D spaces, creating a unique and immersive experience that stands apart from traditional virtual tours. Best of all, it runs directly in your browser—no need to install any apps. Discover a new level of virtual exploration with this innovative and hassle-free solution.
Have you ever experienced a virtual tour where you can freely explore and everything feels alive? Introducing our revolutionary "LIVE 3D Tour" – a patented innovation that sets a new standard for virtual tours. Unlike anything you've seen before, our LIVE 3D Tour allows you to immerse yourself in a dynamic, interactive environment where every detail appears vibrant, INTERACTIVE, LIVE & real-time. This groundbreaking technology transforms how you experience virtual spaces, making it feel like you are truly there. Discover the future of virtual exploration with our unique LIVE 3D Tour. Powered by POLYTRON.AI


We offer an extensive selection of server configuration from CPU-based to GPU-based, from EDGE devices to Blade Servers and Industrial Grade Servers.


A market place comprising of over 120 analytics solutions and security applications.
One of the innovative security solutions we have developed is an autonomous, AI-powered Virtual Patrol System. This advanced technology, showcased in the video below, has been deployed across FOXCONN's global operations. The system leverages artificial intelligence to conduct virtual patrols, enhancing security by providing continuous, real-time monitoring and threat detection without the need for human intervention. This cutting-edge solution ensures robust and efficient security management, making it a critical component of FOXCONN's worldwide security infrastructure.
Leveraging next-generation, multi-modal, and multi-faceted foundation models, we present AI Video Intelligence with a comprehensive understanding of your environment, seamlessly integrated into the POLYTRON ONE AI-Powered Virtual Patrol platform.
Traditional computer vision techniques used in CCTV based solution primarily rely on analysing visual data (images/videos) using pre-trained models, often focusing on isolated visual cues. They also rely heavily on predefined rules and lotsa trained data sets, leading to a higher rate of false positives. Conventional Video Analytics also often requires manual updating of rules and trained models due to reliance on static computer-vision based training data.
In contrast, the Autonomous VIRTUAL PATROL Guard is equipped with advanced MULTI-MODAL AI capable of segmenting text, audio, images, and videos to gain deeper insights and understanding of the environment as it navigates the factory floor. It functions similarly to a human patrolling the area while performing their duties.
The AI Virtual Patrol Guard operates through an automated software-based agent or bot that navigates the virtual environment, mimicking the actions of a physical patrol on the factory floor. This agent observes and analyzes the surroundings, leveraging advanced computer vision and data analytics to identify anomalies and instances of non-compliance. By "walking the ground" virtually, it continuously monitors the environment, promptly triggering alerts whenever it detects irregularities or deviations from compliance standards.
In the above video demonstration, there is no need for manual clicks or human intervention. Every movement you observe in the video is not controlled by a human operator using a mouse. The patrolling and navigation are managed by an AI route-navigation engine that traverses the space autonomously, simulating the actions a human would take during a ground patrol.
This innovative solution transforms the concept of surveillance by offering a fully autonomous, AI-driven 3D virtual tour. Without requiring any human intervention or mouse clicks, the AI system autonomously patrols the 3D virtual space, continuously scanning for any discrepancies or safety hazards. Leveraging advanced POLYTRON LIVE 3D cameras, the system seamlessly integrates video streams into a spatial 3D geometry. Each camera acts as an observant eye, constantly sending video streams to our 3D scene to monitor the environment. The backend's powerful real-time video analysis capabilities ensure that any anomalies, such as falls, fire & smoke, or compliance breaches like missing protective gear, are immediately detected and reported. Alerts are then communicated to command and control centers.
This AI-powered LIVE 3D Virtual Patrol System, combining LIVE video and 3D scene integration, can be configured to conduct surveillance and security duties at specific, pre-set intervals.
What sets this system apart is its use of a zero-shot generalisation engine, enabling the AI to recognise and react to even unfamiliar objects, poses and situations, enhancing the scope and reliability of the AI patrol & surveillance.
The tasks performed by the AI Virtual Patrol Bot is as follows:
Continuous Monitoring: Unlike human security personnel who require breaks and shifts, an autonomous software agent can operate around the clock without fatigue. This continuous monitoring ensures that virtual environments, such as production equipments and assets, are under constant surveillance, reducing the window of opportunity for failure & security breaches.
Scalability: Software agents can be deployed at scale across multiple virtual environments simultaneously, at any FOXCONN facilities worldwide. It's a software solution, no deployment of humans :-). This scalability allows Foxconn to enhance their security measures without the need to hire additional personnel, making it a cost-effective solution for expanding surveillance coverage.
Real-Time Threat Detection: These agents can detect anomalies and potential threats in real time. Using machine learning and pattern recognition, they can identify unusual activities that may signify a security breach, such as un-authorised access attempts or suspicious data transfers. Immediate detection allows for quicker responses, potentially mitigating damages.
Automated Response: Beyond simple monitoring and detection, our AI Virtual Patrol have the capability to automatically respond to security and safety compliance breaches. For instance, they can isolate affected areas, send notifications, revoke access privileges, or initiate backup protocols without human intervention, thus speeding up response times and minimising human error.
Data Analysis and Forensics: Autonomous software agents can also collect and analyze data on security incidents, providing insights that can be used to strengthen future security measures. This continuous learning process allows them to adapt to new threats and improve their detection algorithms over time.
Cost Efficiency: By automating routine surveillance tasks via AI VIRTUAL PATROL GUARD, FII can reduce the manpower required for security duties, thereby decreasing operational costs. Additionally, the reduction in security breaches can lead to significant savings in potential losses and recovery costs.
Integration with Physical Security: In a complex and hybrid environments such as Foxconn Factories where physical and virtual security are both critical, autonomous agents can integrate with physical security systems (IOTs, Sensors, Conventional CCTV, POLYTRON Camera etc) to provide a comprehensive security overview. For example, a breach in virtual security could trigger physical alerts, ensuring a coordinated response across both domains.
These AUTONOMOUS AI AGENTS (Virtual Patrol) signify a shift from reactive to proactive security measures. By harnessing advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, they not only enhance the effectiveness of security operations but also adapt to increasingly complex environments, such as factory floors, while addressing the growing importance of AI. This evolution is crucial as businesses and institutions rely more on digital infrastructures and as the nature and scope of threats continue to evolve.
The AI Virtual Patrol is also available on mobile and tablet devices, acting as a companion app, enabling security personnel to carry out inspections and compliance checks using just their mobile phones.
The following is a list of some of the routine checklist items assigned to the AI Virtual Patrol Bot when patrolling the factory floor.
Safety Compliance Monitoring:
PPE Detection: Ensures that workers wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
Safety Protocol Compliance: Monitors adherence to safety protocols like social distancing, fire safety equipments, rodent detection,
Quality Control:
Defect Detection: Uses computer vision to detect product defects or inconsistencies.
Surface Inspection: Analyses surfaces for imperfections using Polytron Cameras.
Intrusion Detection:
Un-authorised Access: Identifies and alerts un-authorised access to restricted areas.
Workplace Security: Monitors for potential security breaches.
Operational Efficiency:
Equipment Monitoring: Monitors machine performance and efficiency by projecting dashboard screen content and utilising advanced computer vision and Scene-Explanation-Summarization AI to interpret and analyze data. Through the combination of AI, Multi-Modal LLM, computer vision and sensor data, the system decodes crucial metrics displayed on screens, such as temperature, pressure, operational speed and other production metrics. This comprehensive analysis allows for the identification of anomalies, predictive maintenance opportunities, and optimisation of machine operations, fine-tuning of production and manufacturing capacities, ensuring maximum efficiency and reducing unplanned downtime.
Production Line Optimisation: Adopting the same AI Advanced Analytics as described above, the AI Virtual Patrol Bot Identifies bottlenecks and provides suggestions for optimisation.
Environmental Monitoring:
Hazard Detection: Detects potential hazards like chemical spills, fire risks, or equipment malfunctions.
Air Quality Monitoring: Ensures compliance with air quality standards.

Other innovative applications included in the AppStore

AI Super-Resolution REAL-TIME ZOOM
Connecting Analytics to camera using LOW-CODE NO CODE Visual Editor
Lightning-fast AI-powered search delivers split-second results, regardless of the size of your video storage


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