Singapore [ 24 JUNE 2024 ] – VIZZIO Technologies Pte Ltd is proud to announce the appointment of Jonathan Asherson, former Chairman of Rolls Royce Singapore, covering AsiaPac, to its esteemed Board of Directors. Jonathan will also serve as Chairman of POLYTRON.AI, a subsidiary of VIZZIO Technologies. This strategic addition brings a wealth of experience and expertise that will significantly enhance VIZZIO's leadership, governance and strategic direction.
Jonathan Asherson's impressive career spans decades in the tech and engineering industries, marked by his exceptional leadership at Rolls Royce. His appointment to VIZZIO Technologies' Board of Directors underscores our commitment to attracting top-tier talent to drive our vision forward. As Chairman of POLYTRON.AI, Jonathan will play a crucial role in guiding the subsidiary's innovative efforts and groundbreaking advancements in AI - Powered Camera System for Smart City, Safe City and Circular City initiatives.
"We are thrilled to welcome Jonathan Asherson to our team," said Mohd Nor Abu Bakar, Chairman of VIZZIO Technologies. "Jonathan's extensive knowledge and proven track record align perfectly with our mission to revolutionise the 3D industry, supercharged by VIZZIO's groundbreaking rapid 3D mapping workflow. This revolutionary approach not only achieves a dramatic reduction in the cost of digital twin creation but also underscores VIZZIO's unparalleled superiority over traditional terrestrial scanning methods that rely on LIDAR technology, establishing a new benchmark for rapid digital twin techniques. His belief in the transformative power of our AI POWERED 3D Modelling & Visualisation technology is inspiring, and his strategic leadership will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and expand. I am delighted to welcome Jonathan to our board at VIZZIO and to have him serve as the chairman for POLYTRON.AI. His unparalleled knowledge and extensive experience in the corporate world and hard core engineering come at a pivotal time as we embark on an exciting new chapter of growth and innovation. With Jonathan's guidance, we are confident that we will achieve significant advancements and propel us toward achieving greater milestones.", added Mr Bakar.
“Jonathan is excited about the potential and vision of both Vizzio Technologies and Polytron, including the huge embedded synergy opportunity.” His confidence in our capabilities and dedication to steering us towards success speak volumes about his conviction in the groundbreaking nature of VIZZIO’s patented AI-Powered 3D Mapping/Visualisation and POLYTRON’s game-changing REAL-TIME INTERACTIVE 3D camera technologies.
"After engaging in in-depth discussions with the VIZZIO Board and Management Team over several months, it became clear that they are a company with fantastic potential within a strong growth industry. Their commitment to innovation and delivery resonated strongly with me, and I am confident that we can achieve remarkable growth and success. This alignment of goals and drive underpins my conviction that VIZZIO is poised for a transformative journey. This will lead to rapid expansion in growth markets and create a truly great Singapore company. The synergy between VIZZIO and Polytron.AI epitomises the fusion of space technology, advanced generative AI in 3D modeling and visualisation, city-scale 3D digital twins, and our innovative game-changing LIVE 3D™. Together, we are poised to usher in a transformative era of AI-first products and solutions for real-world 3D projects, setting new standards in the industry." said Jonathan.
Jonathan Asherson's appointment marks a significant milestone for VIZZIO Technologies. His leadership will not only enhance our strategic direction but also reinforce our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. This follows the addition of Eddie Chau a renowned figure in Singapore's tech ecosystem, who joined VIZZIO Technologies' Board last month. Eddie was recognised as the "IT Leader of the Year 2018" by the Singapore Computer Society and inducted into its "Hall of Fame 2022.” He is also the Chairman of Coordinating Committee for Cyber Security under Singapore Standard Council. Both Board appointments are aligned with VIZZIO Technologies and POLYTRON.AI progressively strengthening the Board as they enter the next phase of growth.
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About Jonathan Asherson

Jonathan previously served as non-executive Chairman of Rolls-Royce Singapore with responsibilities for Asia Pacific before he retired in 2018. His activities covered the company's four core sectors: civil aerospace, defence aerospace, marine and energy with a strong focus on company performance, technology roadmap development and regional growth strategy. He joined Rolls-Royce from Siemens AG in 1995, where he was Head of the Regional Competence Centre for Industrial Power, Asia Pacific, based in Kuala Lumpur. His 15 years with the company included stints in Germany, the USA, China, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Jonathan is a non-executive director of Genting Singapore and Tru-Marine Pte Ltd. He is also Chairman of Sembcorp’s International Technology Panel and Chairman of the company’s UK subsidiary, Sembcorp Energy UK Ltd. He advises Byhiras Ltd, a UK based technology company in the investment sector.
He was previously a non-executive director of Sembcorp Industries Ltd and has served on several boards and counsels including the Singapore Economic Development Board, the Singapore National Employer’s Federation and the Singapore Business Federation. He was also Chairman of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce and President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.
He has also been a member of various councils and committees in Malaysia, Singapore and the UK. These include the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, Singapore’s Future Economy Committee (manufacturing committee), the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*STAR) and the Science and Technology Advisory Council at the Energy Research Institute @ NTU. He has also served on various committees with the Nanyang Technological University, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Nanyang Polytechnic and Birmingham University. He has been an independent director of the UK government’s Department for International Trade (South East Asia).
Jonathan was conferred Singapore’s Public Service Medal (PBM) and is a recipient of the Order of the British Empire medal as an Officer (OBE). He has an honorary doctorate from Kingston University.
Jonathan is board member of Getting Singapore, Sembcorp Industries, and the UK Department for International Trade (ASEAN). He is also Chairman of Semcorp Europe & heads up their International Technology Panel.
His previous appointments include Chairman and Vice-chairman of Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, President of the British Chamber of Commerce and board member of the Singapore Economic Development Board. He was also a Council member of the Singapore National Employer’s Federation and the Singapore Business Federation.
He has served as an advisor to various organisations in Singapore and the United Kingdom, including being an independent director of the UK Department for International Trade (Southeast Asia), the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, institutes within the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*STAR), Science and Technology Advisory Council at the Engineering Research Institute @ NTU and Nanyang Technological University School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He also served on the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Aerospace Technology Advisory Committee and Nanyang Polytechnic Engineering Advisory Committee.
Jonathan was conferred the Public Service Medal (Friends of Singapore) Award under the Singapore National Day Awards 2010. He was also the recipient of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in recognition of his outstanding contributions and achievements.



VIZZIO maps and models WORLD cities into high fidelity photorealistic 3D models, backed by an AI automated pipeline that segments and understands the semantics of satellite & street images, videos, and point clouds and generates DIMENSIONALLY ACCURATE geo-specific & geo-typical parametric and hyper-photorealistic 3D digital twins. Complete Globe Coverage. No Aerial Photogrammetry needed.
Our blazing-fast AI-powered 3D City Modelling workflow has a canny understanding of what different buildings look like from above, even in suboptimal lighting and incomplete imagery.
VIZZIO's patented 3D Digital Earth Modeling system utilizes multi-petabytes of satellite imagery and geospatial data, in near real-time, on a planetary scale, employing deep learning to create a semantic, machine-readable, and photorealistic 3D digital representation of the Earth.
Screenshot 2024-06-08 at 12.24.50.png
VIZZIO Satellite 3D City Mapping and Modelling Platform (SAAS) - Launching Soon.
Our mission is to redefine urban planning and development by leveraging cutting-edge deep learning AI to transform 2D satellite imagery into high-fidelity, photorealistic 3D city models. By eliminating the need for conventional remote sensing methods e.g. UAV photogrammetry, we aim to streamline and democratise the process of 3D city modeling, making it more accessible, efficient, and scalable. Our technology empowers stakeholders in urban development, disaster management, and environmental monitoring with precise, up-to-date 3D City-Scale Digital Twins, for simulation, gaming, visualisation, urban planning, smart city, ESG, security & defense applications, fostering informed decision-making and innovative urban solutions for a sustainable future.


POLYTRON.AI, a subsidiary of VIZZIO Technologies Pte Ltd, is at the forefront of AI+ LIVE 3D camera technology. We have developed a special-purpose camera (PATENT-PROTECTED) for digital twin to operate in REAL-TIME (LIVE 3D™), creating immersive, interactive real-time digital twin. This is accomplished by merging various video feeds from cameras using an advanced fusion technique to create a unified 3D scene reconstruction, thus facilitating the creation of a real-time, immersive LIVE 3D experience. Our cutting-edge POLYTRON LIVE 3D solutions aim to redefine the possibilities of technology and drive significant advancements across various industries.
Stitching video textures into 3D virtual tours involves the process of integrating video content onto 3D models to create immersive experiences. The use of 3D point clouds, geometry and panoramic videos in virtual tours allows for a more realistic and compelling presentation of properties, products, or environments, enhancing the overall user experience, and conveying a more visceral sense of “being there” while navigating in 3D Tour. This represents a groundbreaking advancement, unmatched by any current virtual tour technology available.
POLYTRON Suite of LIVE 3D™ Software (POLYTRON ONE & POLYTRON LIVE 3D Servers) and Services is enabling conventional web-based virtual tour with interactive real-time scene, making you feel like you’re standing right where you took them without physically being there. Immersive, Spatial, 3D, Real-Time, and Interactive.
With the Polytron LIVE 3D™ Camera, the era of limiting virtual tours to pre-scanned, static 2D imagery is over. We present to you a dynamic canvas of the world as it unfolds, enabling you to immerse yourself and navigate in real-time within an accurately modeled 3D environment.
Our groundbreaking technology intricately stitches live video feeds directly onto the surfaces of a geometrically precise 3D mesh model, transforming them into video textures that animate the scene with real-world dynamics. This innovation isn't merely a new lens through which to view the world — it's a completely new way to experience and interact with it. Step into the vanguard of virtual exploration with us, where each tour becomes a LIVE, interactive event, and every moment unfolds a fresh discovery, brought to life within the spatial fidelity of a meticulously crafted 3D scene.
How POLYTRON 4K 360 camera differs from the conventional CCTV camera
POLYTRON ONE - UNIFIED Video Management Server for all Camera Types

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