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Customer Story: Art & Fact
Art & Fact

Vomit draft

Introduction (quick who and why, about company, setup)
Part I (about problem, why they wanted test)
Part II (why yclients, experience, why failed)
Part III (Chatfuel introduction, building process)
Part IV (Flow details, template, results)
Masha cares about skin just like everybody else. Like all of us she wants a healthy skin. She now works in a company that makes beauty products. It’s a Russian based company inexpensive, natural products. One of the biggest brands in Russia. Products are stylish and pretty even though it is affordable. Their Instagram is popular and they have many clients there. She got here like so. She has this background. It was hard in the beginning, but this motivates her. Her customers always worry about their skin, so the company decided to try a new service, 100 video consultations with skin care specialists. The idea is, customer goes to consultation with specialist, gets a personalized recommendation for professional on what ArtFact products to use. This is a story of how it went and how she did it.
Part I
ArtFact gets a lot of questions like ‘What beauty products should I buy?’, ‘What products are good for me?’, ‘Are the products I chose safe for my skin?’. To see if it was something they needed, will it be popular among clients, they decided to run a test. Let’s do around 100 consultations to see how it works, if the people are satisfied, how interested are people. If everything goes well, maybe we will run this new service for all our clients.
To do 100 consultations Masha had to do several important things. First she found skin care professionals. She also had to make a schedule for them, add their photos, descriptions to their profile.
Part II
She asked around and find out that everybody used yclients. Yclients is a big platfrom in Russia you use to schedule appointments. It’s simple to use and more importantly almost everybody in beauty industry uses it already now how to use it, it’s an industry standard. Yclients is a convenient tool for scheduling, it’s easy to use. Go and see what integrations, functions it has. Skin care professionals are not too tech savvy. And yclients allows professionals add info about clients and set up email or sms message sequences. That is why she decided to go with Yclients.
It was important that after the client has gone through video consultation professionals didn’t have to do much. So they only had to fill in minimum reccomendation info, clicked Send and that’s it. The system would send an email automatically.
Masha joined yclients and set up all like she was supposed to. But something stopped working. She contacted support, they said ‘yes, we will fix it and contact you’. She contacted them herself in a week and asked again. They said ‘we still don’t know, we’ll let you know’. She contacted them yet again after one more week, they said ‘well, it will take another two weeks’. She gave up. She thought she failed. And it made her look bad at work. She felt low.
Part III
Masha’s been married for this years. Her husband Nick is into video games and fantasy games, soccer. He is also been loosing sleep making chatbots, so clients don’t have problems like Masha. Nick knew the gist of this task she was doing, but didn’t know details. It’s only when he saw her giving up, it clicked. Nick has been developing Chatfuel for the last year. Then Nick said ‘oh my god’, I think I know how to solve this. Why not do it all in Instagram. Not only will it fix this and this issue, yclients can’t solve. We will also do it like right now.
This is how the initial planned looked:
Make a post in Instagram
Send users a link to Typeform containing a list of questions required before consultation
Typeform would contain a link to Yclients
Let’s use our chatbot. This way the client doesn’t even need to leave Instagram. They could do everything within one chat without leaving a chat with our bot. And we can ask all of the questions you want to know before consultation right there in the chat too. Moreover we will save all this data to Google Sheets. And for scheduling we have Calendly integration. After answering the questions we will send them a link for calendly. they will choose the date and time, could choose between sking professionals in webview right in Instagram, they’ll book a meeting and we will send them a Zoom link for the upcoming meeting, Calendly can also sms or email messaging sequences, so we will do that too.
Masha was impressed. How much time would it take? Nick said, I’ll do it like now, give me 30 minutes. He couldn’t do it in 30, though. It took 40 minutes total. They took one final look at the bot together. The next her coworkers made creatives for the ad and launched the same evening. It only took 2 hours after launching the bot for 100 clients to book the consultation. For those who didn’t manage to book the meeting, Masha send all of the other people to another Flow by clicking one button. They would get a message like ‘sorry, you’re too late. we’ll notify you about next promotions. but here’s a 15% off discount for your next purchase’. This way ArtFact incentivised people who didn’t even think about buying or hesitated to buy using their special promocode.
Masha made a separate Calendly for every professional.
Part IV
Bot greets user and notifies about TOS agreement
Bot collects {{name}} and {{email}}
Bot notifies that user entered a draw and and if user wins will get a video consultation
Bot saves {{name}} and {{email}} to Google Sheets (you’ll break exports this way)
Bot turns on Delay for 16 hours
Bot messages user saying he won
Bot asks several question in preparation for the meeting QRs: {{age}}, {{type of skin}}, {{skin problem}} (+ additional block for custom response)
Bot shows a gallery of skin care professionals to choose from (gallery plugin is impressive, but is used by almost nobody yet). Under each gallery card there is a Calendly button
On Calendly page there are all needed details on how to book, also what happens next
Bot turns on Delay for 5 min (assuming user made a choice, because Calendly integration didn’t work then, but works now!)
Bot sends one more message with a Zoom link for the meeting
Bot saves what attributes? and to Google Sheets
100 people booked a consultation within 2 hours. They also bought ArtFact products after the meeting with professional. And that wasn’t even the point. Company just wanted to see if there was any interest in this kind of service. Masha made it possible to collect user responses and book meetings right in Instagram, which rare businesses do today. And it only took 40 minutes.
Clients were happy. Only in two hours all slots were booked. It was so fast, they had to turn the bot off manually and send people to a different flow, where it said that they aren’t in the first 100, but they got a special 15% off promo code. When the numbers came in a week later, Masha learned that because of the bot they only spent 1 hour on, the company sold this amount of cosmetics. It was a success.
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