What kind of music is Marshmallow?

Marshmello, not "Marshmallow," is an electronic dance music (EDM) producer and DJ known for his signature blend of various electronic genres. His music typically falls within the realms of future bass, trap, and pop-influenced EDM. Marshmello's sound is characterized by catchy melodies, uplifting beats, and a fusion of different electronic elements.

Within the broader EDM landscape, Marshmello's style often incorporates elements of melodic dubstep, house, and progressive house. He gained widespread popularity for his ability to create anthemic and accessible tracks that appeal to a broad audience, including both dance music enthusiasts and mainstream listeners. His music often features infectious hooks, bright synths, and a balance between high-energy drops and more melodic interludes.
Marshmello Ringtone.jpg
Beyond his musical contributions, Marshmello is also known for his unique stage persona. He performs wearing a custom white marshmallow-shaped helmet, concealing his identity. This anonymity has added an extra layer of intrigue to his public persona.

Overall, Marshmello's music can be described as a captivating blend of EDM sub-genres with a commercial appeal that has helped him achieve global success in the electronic music scene.
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