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Founding Engineer @ Chariot

About Chariot

is a payment network for the $160B+ in Donor Advised Fund accounts. We build the financial infrastructure that connects nonprofits to these complex charitable assets.
We are currently backed by , , , , and top tier angel investors like , , , and . The founders of Chariot graduated CS from the University of Pennsylvania and Dartmouth College with previous work experience at Blackrock, Bain & Co., and (YC21).


Company Overview

Chariot is a mission-driven organization aiming to get more dollars into the hands of nonprofits around the world. Our first product offering is a payment network that enables nonprofits to easily accept donations from (DAFs). DAFs hold $160B+ in charitable assets and are the . However, millions of DAF users are stuck behind archaic login portals, emails, or even phone calls to make a donation.
Imagine you had to send a wire transfer to Nike every time you wanted to buy a pair of new shoes. How much less likely would you be to get those sneakers? Today, that’s what it’s like to donate with a DAF. It is estimated that this current friction represents $395B in unrealized donations over the next decade. Chariot’s easy-to-use payment option reduces the DAF donation process to just a few clicks. Check out our demo

Job Description

Chariot is in a very exciting position for a ‘3-person’ startup and has already significantly de-risked the market. In our first 3 months, we have secured contracts from 12 large fundraising platforms who collectively process $1.2B+ in donations. We are looking for someone to join our core team of hustlers to help us meet demand and scale.
Chariot’s Founding Engineer will lead the evolution of our product and technology strategy, along with building a growing team of software engineers. You will work closely with the CEO to build out a product that can scale to service all the existing and upcoming contracts in our pipeline. This will include building out an SDK that fundraising platforms can use to import our payment option, as well as an orchestration server that takes care of integrating with each Donor Advised Fund.

Role Responsibilities

Have familiarity working with Node.js, Vue.js, Docker, AWS, and Typescript.
Manage and execute against project plans and delivery commitments within an Agile/Scrum environment
Hiring and retaining our first-rate engineering team, developing team structure and execution strategies, while managing the overall software development lifecycle
Work with the engineers to outline and develop the best technical architecture and approach

Tech Stack

Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, , AWS, Docker,
, GitHub

Why you should join Chariot

Increase donation volume and flow to hundreds of thousands of nonprofits that service homelessness, health, education, the environment, and so much more.
A Novel Challenge
Build an end-to-end payment infrastructure to process billions of dollars in charity
Work with many sides of the market (billion-dollar financial institutions, tech-forward fundraising platforms, and thousands of nonprofits)
Assemble and lead your own team of engineers
Y Combinator backed
Spark Capital backed
3+ years of runway in the bank
Existing contracts with top-tier fundraising platforms ready for integration
Market opportunity
Billion dollar revenue opportunity
Fintech company operating in an untapped, rapidly growing $160B market
No competitors in the space
Our Culture
NYC office in person with WFH optionality
We love what we do and don’t take ourselves too seriously
Competitive base salary to FAANG companies
“1st employee” equity with very high monetary upside
Chariot is doing for charitable transactions what Visa did for the entire banking industry in the 1950s.
At Chariot, we are building modern, end-to-end payment infrastructure making donors' lives easier, and nonprofits' lives better. $485B gets donated to charity each year in the US and the existing technology/infrastructure was still built for our grandparents generation. Chariot is here to change that.
Next steps: If you're interested in the role or have any questions please email your LinkedIn || GitHub || Resume to
If this doesn’t seem right for you, but you know a good candidate, please forward this along.

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