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On practice & People

Template: Strategy framing

by Alex M H Smith


We are the only [company type]

who offer [unique value]

by [real difference that enables the value]

We are the only [company type]
The main purpose of this first bit is to get the word “only” in there. Without it, it would be too easy for you to fill in the rest in a way that a competitor could claim too.
There is also a secondary benefit however, which is identifying the category you choose to “root” in. For most brands, this is obvious, but for some HUGE leverage can be gained by positioning in a non-obvious category - so don’t brush over this bit.
Who offer [Unique value]
New we have the core of the strategy - the unique value the business offers. In other words the thing people want, but which they can’t get elsewhere.
Delivering this thing to people powerfully and consistently is the entire focus of the business.
The very reason it exists.
Everything else is in service to it- including you.
By [Real difference that enables the value]
Finally we have the way the business manages to offer that value. The “method”.
This must be a cold, hard, unambiguous fact. Something undeniable that the business does differently which unlocks the value offering.
Without this, the value offering could be little more than a wish - or worse, a boast.
This is the bit that proves it.
After all, if you’re going to offer a new form of value, you must be doing something new right? So what is it?
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