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Cerebras Interviewing Guide
College Careers @ Cerebras

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Interviewing @ Cerebras

1. What to expect:

Our software engineering interview process is three steps:
1 - Exploratory (45 minutes)
We want to explore your background and align interests with career ambitions.
Following an initial recruiter call, you will have a technical discussion with a member of the engineering team. If required for the role, this includes a coding section.
2 - Deep Dive Interviews (4 x 45 minutes)
3 technical interviews with engineers conducted via Hacker Rank.
Coding - one of these will be focused on programming. This can be done in your choice of language.
Technical Deep Dive - this is a focused technical discussion on concepts related to the target role and team.
These interviews give you a simulated experience of working as part of our engineering team and an opportunity to ask questions. We focus on what you need for day to day, not the abstract.
1 interview with the hiring manager conducted via Microsoft Teams.
This is a free ranging discussion about any and all of the concepts in other interviews. It focuses more on candidates questions and describing team responsibilities and objectives.
The interview has more focus on communication, working as part of a team and your overall problem solving style and capability
De-brief & Follow Up
Usually we are able to share feedback from your interviews within 24-48 hours.
We often schedule follow up discussions to share more information related to Cerebras, our technology and allow you to meet more team members.
Every candidate that receives an offer will speak to our CEO and founders. Hiring great people is our highest priority!

2. Preparing for Interviews

Best practices for online interviewing:
Equipment; you will be required to have internet access and a video camera for your interview. You will not need access to a whiteboard. We use collaboration software – either Microsoft Teams or HackerRank (for coding). You do not need subscriptions to either. We subscribe and will send necessary links. A member of the recruiting team will offer to log in 15 minutes prior to the start of your first interview if you would like to make sure the set up is correct.
Video Connection; bad or lost. Make sure you test your connection and software ahead of time. Make sure you know how to use relevant tools (we use a combination Microsoft Teams and Hacker Rank). Make sure you have a back-up plan such as cell phone number, alternate video solution such as Google Hangout, Skype. Share your email address and offer follow up docs, screenshots or homework if you think this can help the discussion. Ask your recruiter for help on Teams or Hacker Rank.
Camera Set-Up - If possible, set it up in advance to make a good first impression. Note: the sliding bar next to video camera icon in Microsoft Teams (the video software we use at Cerebras) enables “blur” effect. This can be good if the background is distracting.
Ask questions – while we want to use the time to assess your skills, we also like people who are curious and want to learn more about the teams at Cerebras and what makes us a great company to build a career. Please feel free to ask questions. We want you to use this time for your own interests as well as ours. We truly believe interviewing is a two-way process.

Research the company:
Cerebras Systems is focused on pioneering new technology for artificial intelligence.
Read more about us on our ,
and in the
Our culture is built around the following operating principles:
1. Do Not Over Complicate
2. Worry About The Right Thing
3. Work Together
4. Time is Our Enemy!
We created the “Working@” and “Gallery@” pages to give you a deeper understanding of who we are and why you might enjoy working at Cerebras.
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