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Udemy Business Updates March 2022

Take a look at what’s cooking at Udemy Business this month!

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Product Updates 🧑‍💻

In-product course retirement alert:
Over the last few weeks we have been releasing a number of improvements to notify learners and admins when a course is set for retirement or has been retired from the collection.
This month we have added the last releases: a Course Updates Page under Manage Courses, Badges in Manage screens, pending retirement info in learning paths and automated emails to proactively notify admins and path editors impacted by course retirements.
Full list of updates can be found

Learning Reminders
Research shows that students who make learning a habit are more likely to reach their goals, and learning a little every day does add up in the long run.
To help learners set time aside to learn, users can now create a calendar event on Udemy Business, complete with a specific frequency, duration, and time, and then export it to their Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar.

Content Updates 📚

Smart Tips: Financial Analysis by Leila Gharani
Smart Tips courses are Udemy Business’ microlearning offering. Designed to help employees maximize their time and increase the impact of learning, these courses are made up of 2-7 minute lessons that do not need to be taken in sequence, and can be immediately applied.

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