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Daily life and me
Daily life and me

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Small positive action is powerful

Today is January 2nd and I came back to work again. To be honest, the recent holidays have not been the best for me with too many things happening and it led me to a situation that couldn't be worse for starting a new year. But I know I need to carry on and I don’t have time and neither want to complain.
I am so lost in my thoughts that I can't even see the path to the office, even though the streets are familiar with tons of thoughts running through my mind. I reached the office without awareness but that’s when magical things appeared. I met a parking guard as usual but suddenly she just said “Happy New Year” with a beautiful smile. I was a bit surprised at that moment and just reacted instinctively with the same response. But I’m curious to know why did she say that to me. So I stopped for a while and realized that she did it to everyone who came to the parking area.
Suddenly at that moment, I feel much stronger and happier. I was inspired by that little kind action from a stranger. Who am I to allow myself to be sad and show that to everyone around me? In comparison with that lady who is doing simple things in the parking area but can bring a huge positive impact to the others, my sadness seems trivial. So I decided to help her to spread that energy and I walked around the building and said “Happy New Year” to all the strangers. What I got back was incredible. When I did it for the first time with the first stranger, I was nervous but all of that feeling was blown away when I saw their smile. My heart was warm again and I looked back to my previous situation where I could truly see that it was all about me setting the negative emotion on them.
Thank you so much to all the kind strangers who naturally or intentionally do positive things to me to give me hope, belief, and faith in the power of positivity. I got the motivation to amplify your kindness to the others who I know would do the same to the rest.
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