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Daily life and me

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Natural football leader

I take my son the the football class every weekend and it’s a lot of fun watching the kids playing. I love watching football and used to have a dream of being a football manager when I was young. Every time I watch the kids playing, I enjoy observing their abilities and thinking about how to help them improve.
Today something happened that caught my attention. The teacher arrived late which rarely happens. In the beginning, I thought that the kids would panic and just play in groups with each other. But no, a few guys just stood out and asked the rest to queue in line and started the warm-up exercise like the coach normally did. 10 minutes passed by and the coach still had not come yet, then the kids started practicing passing and shooting with the instruction from the others. And finally, the coach came and everything was back to normal. I asked the coach did he had asked them to do that or did he had guided them before in situations like that but the answer was surprisingly no.
What made me impressed? The natural leaders. The kids seem to react much better than lots of groups/companies where I used to work. Things happen and they just naturally step up, take the responsibility, and become the acting leader without any given title or recognition of the rest. They just take that because they want things to happen and they can be able to continue doing what they love: playing football with friends.
I think that basic lessons may take a lot of training courses for matures like us to have leadership skills. But probably it’s because we’re thinking too complicated. If you want to become a leader so just simply step up in the most panic situation and help things to go back to the normal state as it’s important to you, not for anyone else.
Let’s try to think and act like a kid, who knows, it may be the best, simplest, and fastest way.
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