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Daily life and me
Daily life and me

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Good or bad

This morning, on my way back after taking my child to the English center, something caught my attention. I was at a crossroads, waiting for the traffic light, when I noticed some beggars on the corner, as usual. Suddenly, a young man with many tattoos tried to cross the crowd to reach the beggars and give them money and food. Right after that, he ran a red light. All of these activities happened in less than a minute, and I found it quite interesting.
My thoughts were like a roller coaster - was that young man a good person? I think so, but only because one of his actions aligned with my values. I could come up with many explanations for his other behaviors. But honestly, can any of us confidently say that we are 100% good? I believe that we are a mix of good and bad thoughts, actions, and behavior. Instead of trying to convince or argue with others, it is better to focus on ourselves and be true to who we are.
Am I a good or bad person? It depends on your view, and I do not care. My focus is on being authentic to myself.
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