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Daily life and me
Daily life and me

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A well-defined process cannot beat a panic reaction

It is a normal day in my working life I'm enjoying exploring all the processes, documents, and methodologies defined in my new company. I have never found anywhere having clearly defined processes like that and I think it's perfect and there won't be any weird thing that can happen. But I was wrong. There was an incident that happened and it caught the attention of the business side with all the high-level management teams. The incident led to lots of panic reactions where more and more people pulled in. But that part is that the most important person who may have the answer for that incident was not there yet so even with more people, no one can have the clear context or appropriate answers. So, with half a day of a senior group of people, I can have a quick calculation on how much it costs for the organization. My lesson learned from observing today's situation would be: whatever detail level of our preparation, in the panic situation, if we just react instead of proactively investigating we may still end up wasting our time and money.

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