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Daily life and me
Daily life and me

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A song covered

I love music and I can listen to various types of music.
But the part I love the most is that whenever I find an interesting song, I’ll try to find and experience as many covers of that song as I can.
Why do I love that? The magic I see from the cover is that I may understand I love that song probably not just because of its rhythm or lyrics anymore. A song is like things we see and face in our daily life, a cover is like the different way people see it. It’s so entertaining to see how creative the artists are to see things from such a strange angle. Have you ever heard any cover of a funny song in a sad mood or vice versa? Or have you ever been in a situation where you may find you love the cover version more than the original?
So what is the relation between a song covered and any lesson we may see? What I normally apply is that whenever I’m in a situation where I feel blocked or disappointed, I may think that I’m listening to not a good cover, and let’s try the new one until I find the best. Song is just a song, life is just life. It all depends on which cover you’re in.
I hope you can create or find the best cover of your own for the song of your life.

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