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Daily life and me
Daily life and me

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A lesson from a busy shipper

Today is another busy day and I join with lots of people riding/driving/running on the small streets in Saigon. I don’t know when I developed the habit of watching people while riding, but I consider it a joy during my commute.
And today while I’m enjoying watching people on the street, I was disturbed by a noisy shipper. He kept pressing the horn while riding and seems really in a hurry. But I just realized one thing. While he keeps making noise and focusing too much on the blocker in front of him, there are some spaces he could use to move faster, but he seems to ignore them. What he really want to have at that moment is that someone remove the blocker that he’s facing.
My 5 cents lesson after observing that situation is this: while you focus too much on your blocker and don’t have a solution for it, stop making noise and try to look around for a workaround solution. Making noise only makes you look worse and weird.
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