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Daily life and me

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A lego game

First of all, I want to admit that I’m not a big fan of playing Lego games. But I’m interested in seeing people playing with it.
Why do I love it? Not because of seeing the result at the end of the process but more about the journey and how they deal with all the headaches to complete it. If you have ever tried the game, you may see the magic of how to connect hundreds of small pieces into a shape.
The hardest time I think would be right from the beginning when there’s a huge gap between the final result, or the expectation, and the reality that leads us to the situation that we don’t know how and where to start.
Until now, my observation so far from players who love this game is quite the same. They always start with small parts which they confidently finish, and put those bigger pieces into a separate area before coming back to the rest pieces. Seeing the bigger parts also helps our player have a closer image of how to mix them, like the smallest pieces in the beginning.

What do I learn from a Lego game? Focus on the pieces under your hand that you can handle rather than panic about how to achieve the final result. Things are getting clearer just only if you’re done with what you’re having on your hand.
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