Fintech & Corona

an online event series, exploring how fintechs are responding to the pandemic. Brought to you by Cambrian, a 3,800+ member community at the heart of fintech.
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🎥 Recordings

Gusto’s Covid Response to Support SMBs (June 2020)

Gusto is a fintech unicorn that provides payroll and benefits software to over 100,000 SMBs, a segment which has been very hard hit by covid-19. In the last few months, the product team has been hard at work shipping products & features to support their customers at this critical juncture. We'll hear from their product & legal team on the story behind Gusto and their coronavirus response.
, Product Lead
, Lead Counsel

DoNotPay & Automatted Unemployment Filing (May 2020)

DoNotPay is an app that helps consumers fight parking tickets, close unwanted subscriptions, and now...file for unemployment in all 50 states. Read more about DoNotPay’s unemployment offering in . Our Speaker: , CoFounder & CEO.

Chime & Instant Stimulus Checks (May 2020)

Hear the story behind , a leading neobank in the US w/ 8+ million accounts, and explore their recent effort to pilot a way for their users to receive their $1,200 federal stimulus checks instantly, weeks before the government is expected to send the payments.

Propel & GiveDirectly launch Largest Private Cash Transfer in History (April 2020)

We explore how , the creators of (an app for food stamp recipients to check their balance and access benefits), partnered w/ the non-profit, , to send cash directly to their hardest-hit customers. The result is , perhaps the largest private cash transfer in history, transfering $100 million in cash to 100,000 families in need.
Jeff Kaister, COO @ Propel
Michael Faye, Co-founder @ GiveDirectly

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