Day 1: Photoshoot Ten photos for use on and after release. Hold card, with release date to create mystery. Countdown to release. Don't say single release SET TARGET: Push to YouTube, Spotify, buy one, etc.
Day 2:Create Visual World (Branding) Start implementing into social media banners. Post 2nd picture
Day 3: The Story So Far Bring everyone up to speed. Do a recap. Mine your social for a recap video.
Day 4: Playlists Submit music to Spotify curated playlists.
Day 5: Artwork Release Release artwork three times the same day. Post everywhere, with call to action.
Day 6: Press Release Day Radio, News Papers, Magazines, and Blogs Make it easy for them. Give an angle.
Day 7: Ad Strategy Facebook and Instagram Ads. Have a clear call to action. $5-10 per day is recommended. Day 8: Influencer Day Get people to talk up/promote your release. Contact people to make "I'm listening to this in the car" videos,
Day 9: Prepare for Launch Delegate the todo list. Make sure everyone has a target and knows what they are doing and when.
Day 10: LAUNCH DAY Check the song is actually live Lyric Video 1 to 1 ask. Contact people individually and ask them to listen and share, or buy. Etc... Update profiles, signatures, bio's with "Go here, do this!" Follow up with influencers Contest. For the next 7 days, we will give away this to someone who promotes the release. DJ's Friends, Family, Everyone
Day 11: Official Video Push through all channels Another Photoshoot: More pics having you with the artwork.
Day 12: Performance Video Play the song on camera.
Day 13: Fan/Animation Video Get people singing along to it, lip synching, etc. and cut it together.
Day 14: Cover Video Someone doing a cover of your song.
Day 15: Breakdown Video Go through the project and see how the song comes together. Doesn't need to be super long.
Day 16: Behind the Scenes Video So the fans what they haven't seen. Bring the fans into the artist's world.
Day 17: Target The DJ Find the DJ who promotes local acts and blast them with emails and social media mentions DURING their show.
Day 18: Pop-Up Gig Turn up somewhere and do a live performance that wasn't advertised. Make some noise on social media.
Day 19: Promote the Pop-Up Gig Push out media from the pop-up gig. Shots of people singing along, bobbing theirs heads.
Day 20: Thank Yous Genuinely thank everyone who has helped promote the new release. Make it memorable so that they will hopefully talk and/or post about it.

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