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Men's Major Odour Points and How To Treat Stink

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A Good Hair & Beard routine is crucial to having an all day freshness. Fortunately, it’s ridiculously easy to do.


Oral hygiene goes without saying, maintenance of a healthy mouth is key to having fresh breath and a healthy looking smile.
• Nothing more than the prescribed daily brushing before meals with flossing and mouthwash after meals.
• Keeping in mind that plaque also sits on the cheeks and tongue, this is also a major area of focus for having fresh breath


Keeping armpits fresh is much like any other hot and hairy area of your body.
• Keep it clean and properly shaved and it should do the trick.
• As an addition make a bicarbonate of soda gel deodorant to reduce the amount of sweat released.


• Refreshing your pubic area by means of regular shaving or manscaping as well as washing.
• Odour stunning hacks including baby powder and specialised deodorants will help control and minimise the full odour.


The entire region that releases shit needs constant care for obvious reasons.
• Fortunately a proper daily wash and dry should take care of the problem.
• If the problem is greater than just the occasional sweaty cheeks, then try shaving or waxing the hair around your butthole as well as the inner butt cheeks, keeping that area clean, groomed and dry.


• Maintaining feet requires regular washing and periodic soaking in essential oils and as an extra touch some lemon, lime and bicarbonate of soda.
• If you have the money and/or tools invest in some bath balls with all these components already loaded into the balls.
• Never wear socks that aren't clean with any shoes.
• Have a variety of open toed shoes to interchange and avoid any build up on a single pair and to keep your feet breathing.
• Always wear shoes that are fresh with a clean sock ( opt to wash them and get the scent out if it's a problem with the sweat in the shoes).

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