Zoom Technical Writer Interview Guide

👋 Hello there!

Welcome to my first Coda doc. With this guide, you can view an inside look on a few things I’ve been focusing on to prepare for my upcoming interview with Zoom.
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💭 Why Zoom?

Zoom has always been a constant in my adult life, both personally and professionally. Through training webinars, virtual pandemic gatherings, and new hire 1:1s in a remote work world, Zoom has been an integral part of my day-to-day. Because of this, I’ve learned a few things.
“Trusted by businesses, loved by people”

At its core, Zoom is an accessible and empathetic tool.

⭐ Real life happens there: When I think of Zoom, I don’t just think of another tool in the belt of work productivity. I view Zoom as a people connector, a free and accessible resource that allows individuals from all walks of life, interests, and backgrounds to come together. In other words, it’s a tool where learning and human emotion are shared, not just meeting notes. ​⭐ Free high-quality product education: When it comes to getting users up to speed, Zoom goes above and beyond via their Learning Center, Support Center, Community forum, blog, and more. Needless to say, I’m impressed that Zoom recognizes the value of documentation and various learning methods.
What I’m trying to say is, I’d love to contribute to a culture like Zoom that prioritizes accessibility, empathy, and high-quality docs!

✔️ Interview prep tasks
Due date
Zoom company research
Caisse Davis
Apr 19, 2023
Review existing public-facing support and learning content
Caisse Davis
Apr 20, 2023
Prepare responses to potential interview questions
Caisse Davis
Apr 21, 2023
Learn Coda basics and develop an interview guide
Caisse Davis
Apr 21, 2023
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🗒️ Candidate requirements and qualifications

View the table below to learn more about some of Zoom’s technical writer requirements and my directly-related qualifications.
Zoom Technical Writer Requirements
Personal Qualifications
5+ years in a Technical Sales Enablement, Technical Writing, Marketing, or a Creative field
5+ years of SaaS technical writing experience
Work with solutions engineering, leadership, product, and marketing teams to identify content gaps
Partnered with Customer Success, Engineering, Product, Product Marketing, Support, and other SMEs to identify gaps in documentation, prepare various materials, and share documentation progress and access
Manage the scope and creation for internal and external-facing technical sales assets
Created, published, and maintained internal and external-facing assets while determining project scope based on the features and fixes included in each release
Prepare communications for distribution so technical sellers can accurately and efficiently convey content and appropriate messaging to their customers and prospects
Wrote email communications promoting the launch of the company's first learning management system (LMS) and knowledge base (KB)
Break down highly technical concepts into explainable combinations of written text and supporting visuals
Applied technical writing and information architecture best practices to develop user-friendly documentation
Assess and prioritize incoming requests, coordinating efforts between various teams to maximize impact
Utilized content request form to manage, assess, and prioritize incoming documentation requests
Loves to learn and deeply understand new or emerging technologies
Eager to learn mindset; currently participating in a UX Writer’s Fundamentals course to expand skillset
Experience with Coda and Confluence
Created Coda account and interview guide to familiarize myself with the software; utilized Confluence to manage and review team wiki information
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✍️ Resume and content portfolio


Caisse Davis Resume.pdf
45.1 kB

Condé Nast

Downtown Magazine

❓Questions for the recruiter

What does the interview process look like for this role?
What are some actions Zoom is taking to prevent another layoff? Any philosophies to share?
Beyond the qualifications listed in the job description, what are some qualities the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate?
How do you measure individual success at Zoom? Do you utilize performance reviews, OKRs, or any other processes to determine this?
While Zoom is an expert in virtual collaboration, are there any in-person offerings that new hires can take part in? Anything else to share about the culture?
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