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The Nurse Log

Marks of Convergent Renewal

These Marks of a Vital Congregations are a combination of work that Brent Bill and Beth Collea have done, alongside my research on a .
Nurtures a participatory community - leadership fosters ownership and responsibility of whole community, a deep sense of belonging through shared leadership, participatory worship, fun, & fellowship.
Creates - Strong religious education, opportunities for learning, practical skill-building as a means of building shared leadership and ownership. Spiritually enriching, creates “disciples.” Fosters a place of spiritual growth and impact.
Fosters a "Many voiced" community through diversity, inclusion, resisting the hyper Individualism of Capitalist culture. A community committed to God’s will and the “sense of the meeting.”
Engaged in outreach, connect with concerns of local community, rejects Quaker exceptionalism and partners with communities to make life better for all. Serving as a launching pad for spiritually motivated social action. Reaching out to other groups locally and in wider geographical areas.
Committed to a "convergent mindset" - both tradition, contextual, and inclusive in terms of practice, dialogue, etc. Cultivating pride in its Quaker past, but fostering a pioneering spirit.”
Creates what it wants to see in the world - a creative, generative community. Makes things happen unique to their context, addressing needs and issues in relevant and meaningful ways.
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